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Should I leave one bush of squash among cucumbers

Should I leave one bush of squash among cucumbers

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Friends, among a cucumber, a bush of zucchini was crowded. I did this last June landing of cucumbers and a little clicked. Already gaining color. What to do, throw it away or let it grow further? Will the cucumbers pollinate? Habitat - greenhouse


Svetlana, he will not dust the cucumbers, but he will definitely squeeze them out, if you have zucchini in another place, I would remove it.

Friends, tell me what about my cucumbers? How to treat them?

Will he take it? Still very hot. Here I can’t, a hand does not rise to tear out and throw it away.

Ask for nitrogen

I already transplanted cucumbers with the ovary from the greenhouse to the street, I was very worried about the fruit growth, but we have rains almost every day and it’s cool

We are dry and hot, although not in the south. It may rain come to us, then gently with a lump of earth will draw it

Transplant with a bol. Lump of earth. You can in shade. And cover from the sun.

I will do it tomorrow 🙂

I have one zucchini growing in a greenhouse, planted it for a long time, hoping for an early harvest. He is just huge! you have to cut the leaves, otherwise it doesn’t go through, and the cucumbers obscure, and they didn’t take a single fruit: (small ones rot right away, although the leaves are healthy green. I think I’ll remove it completely, throw it away, although it’s a pity like you 🙂

I would have removed it, otherwise it doesn’t give fruit and it bothers others, why grow tops?

I'll probably do it