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What to do if the eggplant is blooming, but there is no ovary

What to do if the eggplant is blooming, but there is no ovary

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Good time of day. Tell me why the eggplant is blooming, but there is no ovary. What are you doing?


I sprayed the ovary with the drug. Now a lot! And they can not start from the heat, and when thickened strongly. They like airing.

And I don’t get tied up this year due to the fact that they hardly see the sun. This summer does not spoil us in St. Petersburg.

I pollinated myself

Surely, this year’s summer is worse than that. I also have eggplants blooming and haven’t got any fruit yet. Today I also sprinkled everything with my ovary. And I put on two green tomatoes and I want to spray them with iodine tomorrow. I’m under cover.

Margarita, do you think from iodine tomatoes will sing faster? I am also in St. Petersburg .... and tomatoes don’t want to grow :( I have them both in the greenhouse and in the exhaust gas

and how pollinated? Tassel? With other rastyuhi pollinated? And then out of 5, only 2 are blooming so far

with a brush))) with I have 6, bloom 4

Try to spray bees, bumblebees and other flying bees with water-honey water to do their job ....

thanks. So this weekend we will arm ourselves with a brush and work as a bee)



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