Instructions for the use of insecticide and seed dressing Tiara, dosage

Instructions for the use of insecticide and seed dressing Tiara, dosage

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Insecticide "Tiara" is a systemic seed dressing that is used for sunflower, cereals, rapeseed, potatoes. Thanks to the use of the substance, it is possible to protect against a complex of ground and ground parasites, which lead to damage to the sprouts. To cope with pests, you must follow the instructions.

Composition and release form of the drug "Tiara"

Thiamethoxam is considered the active component of the remedy. 1 kilogram of the substance contains 250 grams of the ingredient. The product is produced in the form of a water-soluble concentrate. The drug is sold in bottles with a capacity of 0.25 kilograms.

The principle of operation and purpose of the tool

The active substance is quickly absorbed by the plant and in a short time is distributed throughout the xylem, moving to distant growth points that protect the entire crop. The composition produces a contact effect on the parasite. Its action begins when the parasite comes into contact with the working fluid.

Thiamethoxam affects the areas of the parasite's nervous system that are responsible for its nutrition. As a result, he stops feeding, loses mobility and dies. Some pests die within half an hour after applying the product. The final death of parasites occurs within a day after using the composition.

Benefits of the drug

The main advantages of the tool include the following:

  1. Resistance to the influence of external factors. The drug remains effective even in conditions of high temperatures, low humidity, bright sunlight.
  2. Economical consumption of working fluid. This is true for any form of release.
  3. Preservation of protective properties for a long period of time.
  4. Destruction of most dangerous pests.
  5. Fast effect. The drug begins to work within a few minutes after spraying or applying to the soil.

Consumption rate and application

The seed dresser begins to act on the parasites during contact with the seeds. Also, its effect can be manifested by the absorption of seedlings or underground fragments of crops. Pests die in a few hours - it all depends on the dosage of the substance, the type of parasite, the phase of culture development.

To make a working fluid, it is recommended to do the following:

  1. Add half of the required amount of water to the tank of the dressing machine and turn on the agitator.
  2. Add the measured volume of "Tiara".
  3. Add other funds if necessary. They must first be checked for compatibility.
  4. Add the remaining volume of water to the specified volume.
  5. Continue mixing during the entire preparation of the working solution and during the etching process.
  6. Use the working fluid within 24 hours after manufacture.
  7. After completing the work, rinse the container from under the substance with water.

For the composition to work, it is important to use clean seed material for dressing, which does not contain impurities. This will significantly improve the etching quality. It is necessary to systematically control the quality of the procedure. This is done according to the degree of staining and the volume of consumption of the substance.

The drug is distinguished by a high degree of resistance to ultraviolet radiation and high temperatures. However, the most optimal indicators are considered to be a temperature of + 15-25 degrees and a humidity of at least 50%.

It is recommended to spray the plantings in the morning or in the evening. In this case, the wind speed should be 3-4 meters per second. The drug is quickly absorbed. Due to this, after 1 hour, most of the substance accumulates in the culture. Therefore, precipitation practically does not affect its effectiveness.

The dosage and features of using the composition are shown in the table:

Consumption rate of the substance, liters per hectareCulturePestsFeatures of using the compositionWaiting period (number of treatments)
0,5Winter wheatBread beetleThe composition is used for dressing seed. 1 ton requires 1 liter of working solution.– (1)
0,5-1Barley, wheatFlea beetles, leafhoppers, aphids, bread beetle, stem flies
0,06BarleyPiavitsaThe composition is used to treat plantings during the growing season.60 (1)
0,04-0,06Barley, wheatDrunkard, bedbugsThe product is suitable for processing crops during the growing season.
0,07-0,11Bread beetleThe tool is used to treat sprouts.60 (1)

The preparation is compatible with other seed disinfectants that have a neutral chemical reaction. However, in each case, the substances to be mixed should be checked for compatibility. Do not combine Tiara with preparations based on organic solvents.

Safety engineering

The insecticide is dangerous to bees. The border zone of summer for these insects is at least 4 kilometers. Of no less importance is the limitation of the summer of bees, which is at least 4 days after treatment.

Expert opinion

Zarechny Maxim Valerievich

Agronomist with 12 years of experience. Our best summer cottage expert.

It is worth handling plantings and preparing a working solution using personal protective equipment. People who have been exposed to toxic substances should be immediately removed from work and taken out of the affected area.

If the substance gets into the eyes, they must be rinsed immediately with clean and running water. If the drug gets on the skin, it is recommended to gently remove it with cotton wool or gauze. In this case, the liquid should not be rubbed. Then wash the affected area with soap and water.

If the substance is accidentally swallowed, give the person several glasses of warm water with activated charcoal. For 1 kilogram of weight, it is required to use 1 gram of sorbent. Then you need to provoke vomiting by irritating the back wall. The procedure must be repeated until the substance is completely removed from the body.

If the composition enters the respiratory system, take the victim outside. After providing first aid, you should immediately consult a doctor.

In this case, symptomatic therapy is recommended, since there is no antidote to the drug.

Terms and conditions of storage

It is recommended to store the drug in a dry and dark place. The shelf life is 3 years from the date of manufacture.

What can be replaced

The drug "Aktara" is considered an effective analogue of the substance.

"Tiara" is an effective insecticidal preparation that deals with a variety of pests. To achieve results, it is important to strictly adhere to the recommendations of specialists.

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