Description of the tomato variety Fat Boatswain and its characteristics

Description of the tomato variety Fat Boatswain and its characteristics

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The tomato "Fat Boatswain" was bred by Siberian breeders quite recently, but it has already found many admirers among experienced gardeners. This mid-season determinant variety is equally well suited for both open field and greenhouse conditions.

Fruit characteristics

At the stage of ripeness, the color of the fruit is deep red with orange or golden stripes. Weight - 140-180 g, in some cases it can reach 250 g. Tomatoes are even, round and smooth with a sweet and sour taste. The fruits are used both for fresh consumption and for processing into tomato products. Suitable for short-term storage.

Advantages and disadvantages

Among the pluses of the "Fat boatswain" tomato, vegetable growers call the following features:

  • Good fruit set and yield;
  • Unpretentiousness to weather conditions;
  • Large-fruited;
  • Pronounced decorative qualities.

The disadvantages of the variety include susceptibility to late blight disease.

Growing features

The "Fat boatswain" variety is planted mainly at the end of March, first under a film cover. After the first shoots appear, the film is removed, and the container with the seedlings is placed in a well-lit place. Within a week, it should grow at a temperature of +15 ˚С, and then at 20 ˚С. When the first leaves appear, you need to pick the seedlings.

It is recommended to plant plants in open ground 2 months after the first shoots.

Gardeners reviews

Many vegetable growers have long taken note of this unusual variety from Siberian breeders, and some have already tried to grow it. We invite you to read their opinions on the tomato.

  1. "Fat Boatswain" is an interesting variety that introduced us to striped tomatoes. Fruit set is very good. The tomatoes are juicy, fleshy, sweet with a slight sourness. We liked the variety, we will grow more. (Olga Alexandrovna, Tyumen)
  2. I read the description of the Boatswain, looked at a beautiful picture, and decided to plant it at my place. I must say right away that it is difficult to grow. One must not be mistaken with the sequence of actions, dance around the seedlings for a long time, observe the temperature regime. But the result exceeds all expectations. The fruits are really tasty, fleshy, melting in the mouth. She did not regret the effort spent. (Margarita, Almetyevsk)
  3. I can only give positive characteristics of a tomato. It is beautiful in appearance and unusual in taste. Ideal for pickling and making tomato juice. There are no complaints about the variety, only rave reviews. (Alena Nikolaevna, Saratov region)
  4. You should contact the "Fat Boatswain" only if you are an avid gardener. Care is difficult, seedlings need to be grown under a film. In my opinion, it is much easier to plant a less capricious variety. The pluses can be attributed to the fact that the fruits are large, directly powerful. And there was a lot of harvest. (Alina, Kazan)
  5. Despite the regular treatments, the Boatswain caught late blight from me. It was a shame that I did not manage to taste it ripe. I cut off the sore spots and rolled them into a green jar. An experiment, so to speak. (Valentina, Zelenograd)

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