When and how to pick gooseberries correctly so as not to prick

When and how to pick gooseberries correctly so as not to prick

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Gooseberries are unpretentious and require little maintenance. However, harvesting from this bush presents some difficulty. First, it is a good idea to learn when to harvest gooseberries. Can you collect it in green? Secondly, the bushes have many needles that are easy to scratch. But, in order to avoid the consequences, several safe devices are presented.

When gooseberries ripen in different regions

Depending on weather conditions, the time when gooseberries ripen varies in different regions of Russia.

A placeRipening period
South RegionThanks to the warmer climate, the harvest ripens by the beginning of July.
Central and European part (including Moscow, Moscow and Leningrad region)Ripens in mid-July
Siberia, UralDepending on the weather conditions of a particular year, the berry ripens by the end of July or the beginning of August.

Optimal timing for harvesting

The timing of harvesting depends on the region of germination and the destination of the berries. For winter storage, it is enough to use the most ripe berries. A distinctive feature is the increased size, slight acidity and elastic skin. "Consumer maturity" is expressed by the softness of the berries, the absence of crunch when biting and pronounced sweetness. The gooseberries are removed from the bush in stages, over the course of a month, each time leaving small and unripe berries to ripen.

Can green gooseberries be harvested?

Sometimes, due to circumstances, it is necessary to decide the issue of an emergency harvest. In this case, it is possible to harvest the gooseberry green. However, the berries should be light in color and large.

Does the berry ripen after harvest?

Do gooseberries ripen after harvest? Yes. The berry acquires its inherent softness and turns red.

Important! Keep the harvested berries in the required storage conditions.

Methods and methods of harvesting fruits

There are several popular ways to clear a bush. The choice of the method depends entirely on the further use of the berries and on the care for the condition of the skin. The bush is covered with long and sharp thorns, so the question arises of how to pick gooseberries correctly so as not to prick.

However, regardless of the method chosen, you need to harvest not early in the morning, but at about 10-11 days, when the dew has already subsided from the berries. The lack of moisture allows you to maintain freshness for longer and prevents the crop from fermenting.


How to pick gooseberries by hand from a thorny bush? It is recommended that special clothing be prepared in advance for safe collection. The main condition is the presence of gloves and a sweatshirt with long sleeves. Caution is advised when working with bushes.

However, the described method is the most desirable, since the presentation, the integrity of the berries and all the useful properties are preserved.

Mechanical method

It is considered safe for the picker, fast and convenient. The method is based on a mechanical vibrating effect on the bush. To use the device you need:

  • spread oilcloth or cloth under the branches;
  • install the device;
  • enable vibration.

Among the disadvantages of this harvesting method is a “dirty” crop. Together with ripe berries, green, light debris and leaves fall. Further sorting the collection also takes a lot of time.

Comb method

The semi-mechanized harvesting method, the “comb” method, is also widely developed. The method involves the presence of a "thimble" with centimeter teeth. The device is sold in garden stores, you can make it yourself from wire or plastic.

During use, the branch is lifted with one hand, the other is drawn along it with a comb. It is also recommended to sort the collection.

How to collect gooseberries so as not to be beaten?

How to collect gooseberries from thorny bushes and stay safe? It is recommended to follow a few simple rules:

  • collect in protective clothing;
  • use a device for collecting gooseberries - mechanical, comb or homemade;
  • gently, without sudden movements, bend the branches.

Gooseberry picker

To facilitate harvesting, it is recommended to use special devices:

  1. Comb. Consists of a small box where berries fall and small teeth. To create, a plastic base is used for the comb and mainly wood for the box.
  2. Plastic bottle. To harvest it, you only need to cut it in the proper way.

Pickling berries with a plastic bottle

Collecting gooseberries using a plastic bottle is considered the least expensive, but retains all the necessary properties. Allows you to stay away from thorny bushes and harvest remotely.

How to make a device with your own hands?

It is not difficult to build this device on your own. For this you will need:

  • cut off the side of the bottle with uneven, pointed, like teeth, edges;
  • the hole should not exceed 4x4 centimeters;
  • secure the long stick to the bottle securely.

Important! The stick should not cross the bottle in the middle, otherwise the berries that fall down will be damaged.

Device-assisted collection technology

Collecting gooseberries using the device is simple, you do not have to touch the bush. It is required to "dip" the berries into the opening of the bottle, pull a little, thanks to the cutting with the prongs, the stalk (tail) will come off, and the gooseberry will fall into the bottle. When the container is half full, pour it into a bucket.

How to save the harvested crop?

The only criterion for maintaining the crop is the absence of additional moisture. If you plan to do preservation, you can immediately fill it with sugar and refrigerate.

Post-harvest gooseberry care

After a full seasonal harvest, it is recommended to cut the bush, getting rid of the extra "curliness". Later (by mid-autumn), the gooseberries need to be fed with fertilizers. These procedures will keep the future harvest large and healthy.

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