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Is it possible to plant tulips on one bed with garlic

Is it possible to plant tulips on one bed with garlic

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Tell me, please, is it possible to plant tulips on one bed with garlic?


It’s possible, and it’s kind of even useful for tulips ... only it’s not very beautiful, except perhaps alternating rows

In no case impossible. Garlic depresses tulips, and even when drying tulips you cannot have odorous plants and pesticides nearby. I am always interested in everything about tulips, because it is my favorite flower.

justify please.

thanks. I understand that it is not very beautiful. It's just that the place is very small. Previously, for this reason, tulips were planted. Today, a neighbor gave a lot of bulbs. That's where I think where to plant them.

I certainly do not pretend to anything, but my tulips grow quite normally near the beds of garlic. And as far as I know, volatile garlic repels pests and prevents the development of tulip diseases. Perhaps Love studied the question much deeper, let's see what answers

maybe an option along the tracks? I saw it so from friends)

under the apple tree))))

Yes, plant them under fruit trees

I apologize, but you are mistaken. Tulips love the neighborhood with garlic, garlic repels caterpillars and slugs.

Tulips can also be planted in large pots ... if there is little land. Now I will show the photo.

house under construction. While we only plant vegetables, thanks for the option.

So the flowers will be and save the bulb

And save space

but please tell me with what perennial plants to save space.

and where to store?

By and large, if the varieties are not super exotic, then you can generally plant on the lawn. In general, I am not a fan of tulips precisely because almost all varieties must be dug up every year, and I'm too lazy. I already have enough exotics with which I have a lot of fuss, so I’m not up to tulips ... I stuck it in the lawn, spent it, mowed it and that's it

where to store ??)))


And you, I'm sorry, what are you going to do then, tulips grow in one place for several years, and they dig up garlic in July-August.


Sorry ... I do not understand your question.))

you threw a photo with tulips in a pot, is it for the winter or is it spring ... if in the winter, where to store it?

planted in the spring ... take out in the autumn ... dried and in a dry dark place. Spring planted again in a pot. I do not dig out. I put in a greenhouse heated for the winter.

But will they bloom immediately after planting?

if the 2-year-old bulb blooms unambiguously)) and if you lie down for a month at a rate of 5 g in the refrigerator, you can kick it out on March 8 ... even in the house on the windowsill

thanks, I'll try

and if it’s planted like this in the fall, is it possible to preserve it somehow so that it doesn’t freeze, for example, close something, I’ve just got a big pot, the greenhouse is not heated, I’ll have to dig a hole too big.

I did so planted in the fall. I kept it already under the snow. It’s easy if there is more snow on the top. If you don’t have it, you can wrap it up or fill it with sand for example.

thanks, I will try

Yes, tulips feel good next to garlic. Moreover, you can plant tulips with winter garlic, and you can plant in spring with spring. Garlic protects tulips not only from insect pests, but also drives away a water rat, which loves to feast on tulip bulbs. At the end of summer, garlic and tulip bulbs are dug up at the same time.


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