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How to legally register a house and land

How to legally register a house and land

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After the death of her son in 2010, her husband and I received 2 shares in a garden partnership in the suburbs. And two shares were received by the minor children of the son. Country house less than 50 sq.m. marked on the plan, the garden is decorated. There is evidence of land on the son (was deaf and dumb). Children are now 17 and 14 years old. How to arrange a garden house and land, what needs to be done? I want the testimonies to be with the children, not their guardian.


To make a house on the ground, of course you need to know a lot of nuances. It is best to contact a law firm, since with paperwork you can stumble upon a lot of pitfalls. To get started, collect a package of documents and certificates. The entire package can be found on the Internet. When I ran into this problem, the whole design took about a year. I had to travel to various authorities.


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