Description of the tomato variety Hard worker, features of cultivation and care

Description of the tomato variety Hard worker, features of cultivation and care

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The Hardyaga tomato, bred by Siberian breeders, is suitable for growing both in the Far East, in the Urals, and in the climate of the middle zone. The use of tomatoes is universal, the yield is good. It tolerates temperature extremes, rainy weather, without reducing the commodity indicators.

Description of the variety

The characteristic and description of the variety says that the bush of the Hardyaga tomato variety is determinant. As soon as a pair of brushes with peduncles is formed, the growth of the stem stops. Thanks to this, the fruits are poured evenly. Tomatoes do not ripen at the same time, which ensures a long harvest of fresh tomatoes. With the onset of persistent cold weather, unripe fruits are harvested and ripening takes place in room conditions. In this case, the commercial and taste qualities do not suffer.

The tomato is successfully cultivated both in greenhouses and in the open field. The average height of the bush is 1.2 meters. Garter and pinning are required. Those who planted the Hardyaga tomato variety on their site confidently advise shaping the bush into 2-3 stems. According to them, this helps to increase yields.

Description of fruits:

  • The fruits of the Hardyaga variety are slightly elongated, even, of the same size.
  • On the brush, 6 tomatoes weighing up to 130 grams are formed.
  • Tomatoes are resistant to cracking, have a dense skin.

The Rabbit variety perfectly tolerates long-distance transportation even in ripe form, it is well stored without losing its commercial qualities. Suitable for industrial cultivation.

Advantages and disadvantages

Reviews about the variety Worker are bribing to get this tomato on your site. Sweet fruits, the sugar content of which is 4.5–5%, have a slight sourness and a strong aroma. A small number of seeds, dense pulp allow us to speak about a very high quality of tomatoes. The Worker variety is suitable not only for fresh consumption, but also for all types of processing, whole-fruit preservation, and is used to prepare culinary masterpieces. The harvested crop can be dried and heat treated.

There were no significant shortcomings, according to the reviews of practicing gardeners. True, it is recommended to carry out preventive treatments for major diseases. Despite the fact that the Hard worker has excellent immunity and is resistant to damage by pests, sometimes plantings still suffer from their adverse effects.

Growing features

Tomato Hard worker is not capricious in care and cultivation. An experienced summer resident claims that she planted seedlings 2 months before planting in the beds. As soon as the threat of night spring frosts has passed, you can relocate the plants to open ground.

In order to increase the yield, the Rabbit variety is fed with mineral complex fertilizers, as well as nitrogen mixtures. Fresh organic matter is strictly prohibited. In the absence of precipitation, the plants need watering, which is carried out once a week. Loosening of the soil, weeding and removal of weeds are periodically carried out. In hot climates, it is advisable to mulch the soil.

Mowed and dried grass can serve as mulch. This will prevent the soil from drying out and premature weathering of moisture. Subsequently, the mulch will make an excellent organic fertilizer.

The Worker variety is a worthy choice for both summer residents and professional farmers. To obtain a high and high-quality harvest, you need to make a minimum of effort, and the taste of the harvested fruits is simply excellent.

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