Instructions for using the Cucumber Rescuer when you need to process

Instructions for using the Cucumber Rescuer when you need to process

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Growing cucumbers is not difficult, but rather troublesome. A vegetable is subject to many diseases, and if prevention is not carried out on time, the cucumber crop will have to be urgently treated. To combat cucumber diseases, experienced gardeners recommend using the Cucumber Rescuer drug.

Fertilizing with chemicals during the growing season can harm the health of people who will subsequently eat the crop. Etching every time you see a specific problem takes a lot of time and effort.

The presented drug is an excellent option for a wide range of problems that arise in the process of growing cucumbers. Using the product will allow you to provide yourself with cucumbers for making salads, preserving, and also for sale.

Description and principle of operation

Cucumber rescuer has an effective effect on disease and insect pests. Basic qualities:

  1. fungicidal - the fight against pathogenic microorganisms, including late blight;
  2. insectoacaricidal - destruction of harmful insects: sprout flies, spider mites, cucumber gnats, rootworms;
  3. fight against copperhead, powdery mildew, peronosporosis, white rot, macrosporiosis;
  4. ecological stimulation of the growth of cucumbers.

Upon absorption, the drug is equally distributed over the treated bush. Distribution mainly occurs acropetally. The tool destroys insects that drink the sap of the plant, as it becomes poisonous for them. It has an effective external effect on, getting on them during processing.

Processed cucumbers are reliably protected from diseases, new leaves and shoots acquire immunity to pathogenic microflora. Plant growth is also stimulated. For reliable protection and prevention of various problems, it is enough to process the plants once a month.

Advantages and disadvantages

You can use the product for cucumbers and other garden crops. Positive sides:

  • complex impact;
  • increase in productivity by 1.5–2 times;
  • a high degree of activity in contact with a bush;
  • the possibility of combined use with fungicides and pyrethroids;
  • achieving a high effect in the fight against many parasites;
  • long period of action;
  • application with significant temperature fluctuations;
  • does not addictive to parasites, immediately destroying them all;
  • preventive and healing effects on pathogenic fungi;
  • the toxicity of the agent affects not only adult parasites, but also eggs and larvae;
  • improving the commercial quality of the crop.

The remedy is highly effective against most pests of cucumbers, which can seriously harm the future harvest.

The drug is evenly distributed throughout the bush, therefore, it does not give a chance of survival to any pest or virus.

Instructions for use

The drug has a complex effect, however, for maximum results it is important to follow and follow the instructions for use. The information consists of the following points:

  1. method of use;
  2. validity;
  3. recommendations for use;
  4. precautions;
  5. cultures for which the use of the product is permissible.

It is not difficult to prepare the drug. All 3 ampoules are dissolved in 10 liters of water, the composition must be thoroughly mixed. The resulting volume can be processed one hundred square meters of land.

After processing, it is important, if necessary, to destroy diseased plants in the garden, to eliminate pests that are seen in the planting area.

Timely prevention is the key to preserving the harvest, which is much easier than constant treatment of plants and wasting time trying to exterminate pests.

Precautions require the use of personal protective equipment. It is important to protect your eyes, cover your mouth with a medical mask, and wear gloves on your hands. Upon completion of work, treat your face and hands with soapy water and rinse with clean water. When working with the product, it is strictly forbidden to consume drinks, food or smoke.

To preserve its qualities, the drug is stored in its original packaging, without damage or deformation, in a dark, protected place.

In the instructions for the use of the Cucumber Rescuer, the only drawback is the need for strict compliance with safety rules. Contact with mucous membranes can have a negative impact on human health.

Release form

The cucumber rescuer is sold in a standard package containing 3 ampoules. Manufacturers offer the drug in powder form or in the form of a concentrated mixture.

The duration of the drug is 15-30 days and depends on the correct use, external weather factors, types of cucumbers.

Correct use of the drug will help eliminate pests and possible diseases from various ailments without problems. A small list of requirements and recommendations will help save not only the quantity, but also the quality of the future harvest. At the same time, the time and money spent on performing the manipulations is quite small.

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