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How to grow fennel on a plot

How to grow fennel on a plot

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How to grow fennel on the site? Is it necessary to grow it through seedlings or can it be immediately sown in the ground? If possible in a seedling-free way, what are the sowing dates, is it necessary to use shelter from possible frosts?


Fennel is grown in two ways: seedlings and sowing seeds. Seeds are prepared by fermentation, 15-20 days before sowing. Fennel seeds (10-15cm.) Are scattered on a cement or wooden floor, spraying, evenly moisten with water. It is convenient to do this by shoveling the seeds. After raking in one heap and leave to dry. Within 3-5 days, 4-6% of the seeds will sprout the seeds, pick up a heap and let it dry completely.

Seeds are sown in the spring during the period of sowing grain. It is advisable to add superphosphate (50 kg / ha) to the soil together with the seeds. Sow the prepared seeds in rows, the distance between which is 45-60 cm, the sowing rate is 3-10 kg / ha, and the seeding depth is 2.5-3 cm.


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