Characteristics and description of the tomato variety Golitsyn, tips for growing

Characteristics and description of the tomato variety Golitsyn, tips for growing

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Tomato Golitsyn ripens early. Gardeners love the taste of the fruit. Tomatoes can be eaten fresh, canned. Gives fruit in several stages. Such a tomato is worth growing!

Why do summer residents like the plant?

Agrofirm "Gavrish" presents plants with different ripening periods. Golitsyn attracts gardeners with fast ripening, extended fruiting.

Tomato specifications:

  • ripens under temporary shelters, on open ridges and in film greenhouses;
  • Golitsyn's bush is limited in growth (on the street it stretches up to 0.8 m, in the greenhouse - up to 1.2 m);
  • ripens in 90–95 days from loops (early maturing);
  • leaf plates are dark green, large;
  • correct planting and care will give a yield of 10 kg / m² (or 3 kg / bush).

Golitsyn is prone to fruit overload. Plants break. The harvest is lost. It is required to tie the bushes to the support.

Golitsyn's fruiting is extended. The variety gives off tomatoes in 3-4 waves. To accelerate ripening, it is required to pinch the plant: the bush will give strength to ripening tomatoes.

Rapid ripening makes it possible to enjoy tomatoes right up to cold night growth, bushes are not affected by late blight. Harvested green fruits are ripened in the warmth.

Why did the gardeners love Golitsyn?

Early varieties of tomatoes are not always pleasant to the taste. Their value is the ripening period. Then gourmet tomatoes ripen. Gardeners are beginning to eat salad fruits. Golitsyn combines fast ripening and dessert taste.

Description of berries:

  • the shape of the berries is ovoid;
  • tomatoes grow up to 70–90 g;
  • color - bright red, matte;
  • the pulp is dense, juicy;
  • fruits without ribbing;
  • even tomatoes when stroking;
  • moderately hard skin;
  • fruits have up to 5 chambers with seeds;
  • tight attachment of tomatoes to the bush;
  • sweetish taste with sourness;
  • pronounced smell of tomatoes.

The fruits stick tightly to the bushes. No shedding occurs. Ogorodnikov is pleased with the opportunity to enjoy the harvest from July to August. Golitsyn's value: extended fruiting, early ripening, universal purpose of berries.

The dense skin ensures the preservation of marketability during transportation. Breeders are advised to pick brown fruits and ripen indoors. This technique will increase yields.

How to get a good harvest?

These plants are described on the seed bag. Breeders promise to get a certain amount of fruit. But there is a condition: follow the tips for growing a tomato. The combination of the required illumination, soil nutrition, heat and watering will give the gardener delicious tomatoes.

Agronomist tips:

  • assess the possibilities of the garden (plant in a greenhouse or on the street);
  • it is required to start expelling seedlings 40 days before placement in a permanent place;
  • pick up utensils for placing plants (shallow trays: germinate and pots: plant tomatoes when picking);
  • clean from dust, dry earth;
  • disinfect containers (use alcohol, pink solution of potassium permanganate);
  • familiarize yourself with the nutritional value of the potting mix;
  • prepare light fertile soil (compose yourself or buy);
  • disinfect your own seeds in a pink solution of potassium permanganate, treat with a stimulant (aloe juice, potassium humate);
  • sow planting material with a depth of 1–2 cm;
  • germinate in a dark, warm place (provide an ambient temperature of 25 ⁰С);
  • cover containers with foil with holes for gas exchange;
  • put on the windowsill after the first loops;
  • provide 18 hours of daylight;
  • it is enough to maintain T 18 ⁰С;
  • with two true leaves, dive with depth;
  • to strengthen the bush when planting, use calcium nitrate (a tablespoon for each plant);
  • the landing site must be prepared in advance (loosen, add a mineral complex (nitrogen-potassium-phosphorus);
  • plant in a permanent place after returning cold weather;
  • choose a place lit by the sun;
  • for the first 2 days, shade the planting from the sun with a white non-woven material;
  • plants should be tied up, lightened and pinned;
  • planting scheme: distance between plants 40 cm, between rows - 60 cm;
  • deepen extended seedlings;
  • mulch beds with rotted organic matter or dark non-woven material;
  • water in moderation.

It is necessary to observe the weather forecast: before a long cold snap, cover the bushes with a film or non-woven material of white color.

Before the cold weather in August, tomatoes should be removed and put on ripening.

Assessment of summer residents

Reviews of gardeners about Golitsyn are positive. They like: yield, universal use of fruits, taste. Berries can withstand transportation to storage or processing.

Summer residents upset the need for pinching and garter plants, the lack of evenness of tomatoes. Gardeners note: the fruits of the first harvest are 1.5 times larger than the rest.

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