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Is it possible to grow mushrooms and cucumbers in one room

Is it possible to grow mushrooms and cucumbers in one room

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During growth, mushrooms emit carbon dioxide. Cucumbers, as we know from the lessons of botany, absorb carbon dioxide and process it into oxygen. Is it possible to use this symbiosis, to grow mushrooms and cucumbers in the same room? I want to know the opinion of experienced biologists on this issue. Thanks.


Alexander, I’m not a biologist and I’m not trying to prove my point. I'll tell you from my little experience. Cucumbers, several other vegetables and mushrooms were grown in my greenhouse. Mushrooms grew in the neighborhood of cucumbers, the choice of a neighbor was made by the fact that cucumbers also require more frequent watering compared to, for example, tomatoes. True, the mushroom plot was reserved for a small, purely for experiment. A store variety - champignons, a relative shared the spores (mycelium).

What difficulties have arisen: Cucumbers need sunlight (or its replacement), it is contraindicated for mushrooms. Mushrooms are watered daily and moderately, cucumbers 2 times a week and more abundantly. I couldn’t normalize these two problems. In the end, from my throwing to this or that region, cucumbers grew some tasteless, small and small. Mushrooms also grew poorly. Although the temperature was kept optimal for both mushrooms and cucumbers - + 21-22С. On this experiment ceased to conduct. For me, this is wasted time and energy.