The optimal temperature regime for keeping quails from the first days

The optimal temperature regime for keeping quails from the first days

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Quail is a convenient bird for breeding. Egg production, small bird size, edible carcass are attractive points for farmers and home owners. In tight spaces with premises, you can start a business in a small area thanks to cell breeding. In places with a contrasting climate, the question arises: what temperature is needed to keep quails?

Temperature regime for quail from the first days

After chicks hatch and dry in an incubator or under a brood hen, they are taken to a warm room. A plywood or cardboard box can be made for them as a temporary home. After the incubation temperature, which was approximately 40 ° C, for diurnal quails will be comfortable 35-36 degrees near the heater. In the room itself, it is sufficient to maintain 27-28 ° C.

If the heating device is not outside the box with the chickens, but in the very fence along which they move freely, then it is placed at a height unattainable for the chicks of the age when they leave this shelter. Gradually outweighing higher is not worth it, it will be safer.

From the second week, the temperature in babies begins to decrease by about 0.5 degrees every day. At the same time, the minimum in the corner farthest from the heater remains within the range of 25-26 ° C. After another week, the quails are given almost room temperature: no higher than 27 ° C under the battery and 24 ° C throughout the room. At the end of the third or the beginning of the fourth weeks of the brood's life, the heater is removed. Further, 20-22 degrees are stably maintained.

On the scale of a farm where thousands of quails are kept, chicks are placed from day one in cages with a mesh floor lined up in rows in several tiers. The required temperature is created either by an electric heater or by an infrared lamp.

With a high-calorie feed, quails can also overwinter in an unheated room. But females lay eggs at temperatures approaching 20 ° C. It is not recommended to lower the temperature below 15 ° С in the place where hens live.

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To avoid air turbulence behind the cells, their back wall is made of dense material. Domestic quails do not like drafts.

What to do if the quails are hot

For the successful keeping of an adult bird, a complex of conditions must be created.

Indoor microclimate characteristicsQuantitative expression
Temperature18 ° C
Humidity60-80 %
Air circulation speed0.4-0.8 m / s

Laying hens react especially badly to heat. Shading a room with trees or vines has a beneficial effect on indoor temperature and humidity. For the supply of fresh air, it is recommended to install an extractor hood. In summer, the fan blows air from the shadow side, expelling the warmest layers of the gaseous medium through the hole at the top. Indoor humidity is increased by:

  • frequent wet cleaning;
  • a factory-made air humidifier;
  • hanging wet rags.

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