Instructions for the use of fungicide Shirlan, composition and release form of the product

Instructions for the use of fungicide Shirlan, composition and release form of the product

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Fungicide Shirlan is a drug for the destruction of late blight fungal infection. It kills the fungus at the stage of mycelium formation in the soil and prevents it from spreading to the leaves and shoots of potatoes and other plants. The main difference from similar products is the stop effect, which ensures 100% destruction of the infection. Convenient packaging and ease of preparation of the working solution, low toxicity makes Shirlan popular among gardeners.

Composition, purpose and form of release of the fungicide

Shirlan is a high concentration suspension containing fluazine. It belongs to the class of pyrimidinamines in terms of chemical composition. The amount of active ingredient is 500 grams per 1 liter of the drug.

Designed for the prevention and prevention of late blight and alternaria on potatoes. It comes on sale in plastic cans with a capacity of 1 or 5 liters, in the form of a concentrate that requires dilution with water before use.

The mechanism of action of the agent

Shirlan has the following effect on fungal disease:

  • suppresses the formation of spores of the phytophthora fungus;
  • reduces the mobility of zoospores, this also applies to their movement through soil channels;
  • prevents the transfer of fungus to the surface of the earth and contamination of potato tops.

Shirlan is a prophylactic agent that prevents disease. It is better to treat diseased plants with stronger fungicides.

Advantages and disadvantages of the drug

Like any remedy for the treatment of plant diseases, Shirlan has advantages and disadvantages.

The positive qualities of Shirlan include the following:

  • gives a lasting protective effect;
  • has a long protection period - 7-10 days;
  • does not wash off during rain and watering;
  • if proportioned during cooking, it is not toxic to the plant;
  • a small enough dose to achieve a therapeutic effect;
  • safe for humans, no harmful chemical elements accumulate in tubers.

Despite the positive qualities of Shirlan, it has a toxic substance in its composition and requires careful use.

Important! Do not use undiluted concentrate, strictly follow the instructions provided.

Rules for preparing a solution for different plants

To prepare the solution, use non-metallic containers. The dishes are filled to 3/4 of their volume with water, then Shirlan and water are added to the required amount. Everything is mixed well, the solution is filtered and poured into a spray bottle. You need to use it the same day.

Application and consumption rates of the fungicide

According to the instructions for use of the drug, it is necessary to dilute 3-4 milliliters of Shirlan in 4 liters of water. This amount is enough to process 100 square meters of potato planting area.

Works are carried out in dry weather, in the absence of wind. It is best to do this in the morning or evening, when there is no bright sun, although the product is resistant to moisture and light. The sprayer is adjusted so that the spray of the solution is shallow enough to wet the surface well.

The first spraying is performed when friendly shoots appear, until signs of late blight are detected. In rainy weather, they cultivate the land in spring after planting potatoes. The protective effect lasts for at least 7 days, so the process is repeated after a week. Processing is also relevant after mowing the tops.

Toxicity and safety rules during spraying

Fungicide Shirlan is a substance of II class of hazard for humans, for bees it is III class. The product is practically non-toxic to fish.

Attention. Use protective clothing, gloves and a respirator when handling the solution.

If the product comes into contact with open skin or mucous membranes, rinse these areas with water. If you feel nausea, lethargy, or headache after using the fungicide, you should see your doctor.

Compatibility with other products

If it is necessary to simultaneously spray with several drugs, Shirlan can be combined with the following formulations:

  • Karate;
  • Aktara;
  • Reglon Super.

This fungicide is incompatible with alkaline and copper-containing (copper sulfate, Bordeaux liquid) solutions. It cannot be mixed with herbicides either. It must be remembered that concentrated compositions are not subject to mixing, they are previously diluted with water to the desired consistency.

Shelf life and storage conditions of the drug

Fungicide Shirlan retains its properties in a sealed container for three years. The storage place should be isolated from the access of children and animals. The room is chosen dry, the required temperature is from 0 to +35 degrees, away from sources of fire.

Analogs of the drug Shirlan

In addition to the fungicide Shirlan, there are drugs that have similar effects on plants and can replace it. These are tools such as:

  • Kurzat;
  • Reglon Super;
  • Buzzer;
  • Screen;
  • Jeep.

When choosing a fungicide for use on your weave, you should be guided by personal preferences, the cost of the drug, and its characteristics.

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