Description of the tomato variety Sugar, its yield and cultivation

Description of the tomato variety Sugar, its yield and cultivation

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Tomato Sugar is a vegetable that, over the entire period of its existence, has collected many positive reviews. Delicious fruits of a rich red color, in size can reach up to 450 g. At the same time, breeders declared only 130 to 200 g. The taste of vegetables can be appreciated not only by fresh salad, but also by preservation and pickles.

More about the variety

The characteristic of tomatoes says that this is a mid-season variety, which is distinguished by a tall bush. Designed for greenhouse cultivation. For normal development requires the formation of a stem and a garter. Indeterminate plant in height reaches from 1.7 to 2 m.

Seed producers recommend forming a bush into 1 or 2 stems at once. The tomato has a medium-sized leaf. In turn, it stands out with a rich green color. The stem is not as dark in color. Simple inflorescence.

The description of the variety is registered in the register for growing crops under film-coated conditions. Sugar is grown both on large plantations and on private farms.


Due to the fact that they have the correct rounded shape, there is a similarity with the cherry tomato variety. This is especially true of the Sugar variety. The stalk itself has a slight ribbing. In terms of density, the fruits are medium. Reaching the stage of maturity, they are covered with a rich red color.

Fleshy vegetables have a characteristic taste with sweet notes. At the break, there is a noticeable level of sugar content in the pulp. The seed chambers are large, but this does not affect the taste of the tomato. Tomatoes are suitable for preparing fresh summer meals, juices and sauces. Housewives note that Sugar is good for making ketchup.

The tomato bears fruit well, which affects the yield. During the season, from 3 to 5 kg of ripe fruits are harvested from one plant. Such indicators depend on regular watering and the presence of fertilizers in the soil. Reviews of farmers note that Sugar is resistant to many tomato diseases, in particular, tobacco mosaic.

Cherry Sugar f1 is a hybrid that is also popular. It has small fruits, evenly distributed on the branch. Has a sweetish taste and is suitable for decorating dishes. Often grown for sale.

Cultivation of culture

To obtain seedlings, seeds are sown in the soil 2 months before planting in the soil. The pick is carried out after the first sprout has time to release 2 real leaves. If the seedlings develop in one place without planning a further transplant, 1 sq. m should not be more than 3 plants. When planning to form a plant into one stem, plant no more than 4 bushes.

Culture care

To get a good harvest of tomatoes, you need:

  • do pinching;
  • water the plant in a timely manner;
  • apply mineral fertilizers.

To protect against pests and diseases, take preventive measures. If tomatoes are grown in a greenhouse, it is preferable to install a drip irrigation system. This will not only save time and effort spent on care, but also reduce the risk of late blight. Sugar loves moisture, but excessiveness has a detrimental effect on it.

As for the beneficial properties of tomato, they are, like most vegetables. The fruits are rich in vitamins and minerals. They are recommended to be eaten by a person of any age. It is especially beneficial for people who are struggling with excess weight.

They have a rich tomato flavor both fresh and cooked. They can be stewed with other vegetables and fried. Some housewives use them for preservation. The unusual shape and color helps to create beautiful combinations in a jar with cucumbers, peppers, onions and herbs.

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