Description and types of varieties of Chinese cucumbers, their cultivation

Description and types of varieties of Chinese cucumbers, their cultivation

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Today we want to draw your attention to the Chinese cucumber. Probably, someone has heard of it before, but it is unlikely that they tried to plant it in open ground in their garden. This culture is worth special attention, so let's take a closer look at it.

Description and features of Chinese cucumbers

This cucumber hybrid is different from the common and common fruits of the pumpkin family. Chinese cucumbers have different sizes, tastes, and biological characteristics. If you take a look at it at least once, you will understand that they definitely cannot be confused with simple, familiar cucumbers. The length of the fruits of these hybrids is from 35 to 80 centimeters. They taste sweet and, depending on which variety, may have a melon or watermelon aroma. There can be no bitterness in Chinese cucumber, their skin has a sweetish taste. In the center of the fruit there is a narrow chamber where the seeds are located. The yield of these cucumbers is simply colossal: up to 30 kilograms of fruit can be obtained from one bush.

To get a good harvest, it is recommended to grow Chinese cucumbers in a greenhouse, but it turns out well in open ground. The hybrid grows in both the southern and northern regions of the country. One of the nicest features of these cucumbers is early maturity, since the first fruits appear 25-30 days after planting. It is worth considering that if you are going to grow Chinese cucumbers just for yourself, then you should not plant a lot of seeds in open ground. One fruit is enough to make a salad for 3-4 people.

By the way, it is worth noting the increased yield of this hybrid of cucumbers, they will bear fruit right before the onset of frost. Also, Chinese cucumbers are not afraid of most of the diseases that cucumbers are most often exposed to, they are also self-pollinated, shade-tolerant and weaving.

We told you many advantages of this type of cucumber, but there are also certain disadvantages:

  1. They cannot be stored for a long time, it is advisable to eat the fruit on the same day it was picked, otherwise they become soft.
  2. Some varieties of Chinese cucumbers are only suitable for making salads.
  3. Low seed germination.
  4. You need to do a vertical garter or the fruits will be extremely unpleasant to look at.

The main varieties of Chinese cucumbers

Today in stores there is a huge amount of various seeds of Chinese cucumbers, they are not uncommon for a long time. If you have never planted this hybrid before, then it will be difficult to choose any variety. We have prepared brief descriptions so that you can study the main varieties of Chinese cucumbers that are most often planted and choose the most suitable for yourself.

Chinese serpent

This variety is early ripening, the first fruits are formed 30–40 days after the planting process. The variety is bred in greenhouses. Fruits form from 50 to 60 centimeters and are bright green in color. The pulp is juicy and best of all: it has no bitterness. Larger fruits are great for salads, and those that are 12-15 centimeters long are most often salted. If you plan to grow this type of cucumber on an industrial scale, there is no point in removing small fruits.


The hybrid does not require special care and is not afraid of most of the diseases that cucumbers are most often exposed to. Alligator F1 is a variety pollinated by bees, which is why it is better to plant any flowers that attract insects near greenhouses. Cucumber fruits are long, thin and have a juicy pulp. There are small but frequent tubercles on the peel. Alligator cucumber is excellent for canning.

A real man

This hybrid of cucumbers belongs to the mid-season, has only positive reviews. The first fruits should be expected 48–54 days after the emergence of seedlings. Like the previous variety, "Real Man F1" is pollinated by bees. The fruits have large tubercles and are cylindrical in shape. Cucumbers are generally 30 to 40 centimeters long and weigh 300–400 grams. The skin has white, prickly thorns. The approximate yield is from 8-10 kg per square meter.

The variety is great for making salads. The salted "Real Man" is also not bad. The hybrid is shade-tolerant, resistant to cloudy weather.

Chinese miracle

The Chinese miracle cucumber is not afraid of many cucumber diseases, it is also cold-resistant. He always has a high yield, but alas, late ripening dates. The first fruits can be seen 60–70 days after planting. Cucumbers can be up to 60 centimeters long, their shape is cylindrical, and there are small tubercles on the skin. They are not whimsical to grow.

Chinese miracle cucumbers have one drawback - the fruits cannot be stored for a long time. It is advisable to consume the grown cucumber or preserve it on the first day after it is picked.

Confucius' favorite F1

The early maturing parthenocarpic confucius favorite cucumber is suitable for spring greenhouses, vegetable gardens or film shelters. The first fruits should be expected 40–45 days after germination. Fruit length 35–38 centimeters with large tubercles and white thorns. These cucumbers are resistant to most diseases and are used for pickling.

Chinese Farm F1

Variety Chinese Farmer, mid-early. It is great for both indoor and outdoor planting. The hybrid is pollinated by bees and other insects. The first fruit is formed 48–54 days after planting.

Farm cucumber bushes have short shoots and a powerful stem. The shape of the fruit is cylindrical. Their length is 30–45 cm, and their weight is 200–300 grams. It tastes sweet and crunchy. Fruits without bitterness and voids. Cucumbers are good for salads, and one fruit can be enough for an entire family.

Chinese heat resistant

Description of the species is short, Chinese Heat-resistant cucumber F1 belongs to medium early varieties, is not afraid of heat and bears fruit even at a temperature of 35 degrees. The length of the fruit reaches 50 cm. Chinese heat-resistant cucumbers bear fruit for a long time.

White delicacy

The fruits of this species have excellent characteristics: they are elongated, of a canonical shape. This is probably the only variety of Chinese cucumbers with a very small length from 12 to 15 cm, mainly varieties of Chinese cucumbers with long fruits. They have a thin skin and a slightly sweet, palatable pulp. They are able to withstand most diseases, also Chinese cold-resistant cucumbers F1, so they are not afraid of sudden changes in temperature and frost. Suitable for both fresh consumption and subsequent conservation. The hybrid is one of the best.

Emerald Stream

The hybrid is early maturing and self-pollinated. Suitable for growing cucumbers in greenhouses, open field, greenhouse, balcony. Its fruits are long and smooth, cylindrical in shape. The taste is pleasant. The bushes are medium-sized, the flowers of the plant are collected in a bouquet. The hybrid bears fruit for a long time, is able to withstand most diseases.

How to grow properly?

Growing Chinese cucumbers outdoors is a simple process. First you need to choose the right seeds, a saline solution will help with this. In one liter of water, you need to dilute 50 grams of salt and lower the seeds there. Planting material of poor quality will float, but good quality will remain at the bottom. Take it away and rinse it with cold water.

The next step is to warm up the seed. It is placed in a thermostat with a temperature of 50 degrees. After that, the disinfection stage begins, when the seeds are disinfected by placing them in a weak solution of potassium permanganate for 10 minutes. After that, it remains to soak them and wait for the first shoots to appear. The hatched seeds are planted in the ground.

To get early fruits, cucumbers are grown using seedlings. Because of the root system, pots are used with a diameter of at least 25 centimeters. Planting seeds is done at a depth of at least 4 meters. The first shoots will be after 6 days.


The principle of caring for Chinese cucumbers is not very different from simple, familiar cucumbers. The only difference is the need to regularly tie the whip to the trellis, since the Chinese climbing cucumber. You also need top dressing:

  1. 2 weeks after disembarkation.
  2. When bloom begins.
  3. 3-4 when the fruits begin to appear.

You don't need to feed a lot of Chinese cucumber, the main thing is to observe if something is wrong, the plant will let you know about it.


We did not consider such varieties as Chinese disease-resistant F1 and To the sky F1, however, we gave you a general idea of ​​Chinese cucumbers. Explore the cultivation of Chinese miracle cucumber and choose other suitable varieties.

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