Instructions for use and composition of Rexolin, fertilizer dosage and analogues

Instructions for use and composition of Rexolin, fertilizer dosage and analogues

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To obtain a rich harvest of high quality, farmers and owners of small summer cottages use organic and mineral fertilizers. Some drugs are used for pre-sowing treatment of seed, as a result of which plants are less susceptible to infection with fungal diseases and are not susceptible to the vagaries of the weather. As part of "Rexolin" there is a set of microelements necessary for crops for full development and growth.

Composition and form of microfertilizer release

The micronutrient fertilizer, which is produced by a company from the Netherlands, has a balanced composition of chelated microelements that are necessary for cultivated plants. The chemical contains:

  • magnesium (1.85%);
  • zinc (1.5%);
  • boron (0.5%);
  • molybdenum (0.1%);
  • copper (1.5%);
  • manganese (4%);
  • iron (4%).

The drug is produced in the form of microgranules and packed in dense bags with a volume of 5 to 25 kg. The first option is suitable for owners of small plots, large packages are purchased by farmers who sow whole fields with cultivated plants. Due to the fact that all useful elements are based on ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid, they are quickly absorbed by the tissues of cultures and begin to act.

Scope of the tool

Highly concentrated mineral fertilizer "Rexolin" is intended for pre-sowing treatment of seed material of grain and forage crops, as well as for foliar feeding (by leaf) and fertigation systems. The concentration and ratio of useful elements in a chemical preparation is quite close to the ratio in living tissues of cultures.

Expert opinion

Zarechny Maxim Valerievich

Agronomist with 12 years of experience. Our best summer cottage expert.

Thanks to the use of Rexolin fertilizer, the seed germination energy is increased by 5%. In addition, after processing the seeds, crops emerge from the ground much faster.

Another indisputable advantage of the chemical is the absence of chlorine in the composition, which means that the relative safety of microfertilizers for the environment.

Farmers who have tested fertilizers in their fields highlight several advantages of the tool:

  • the presence in the composition of feeding of all micro and macro elements necessary for plants in high concentration;
  • speed of action and effective elimination of the deficiency of useful components after using the fertilizer;
  • a high degree of assimilation due to the fact that the elements are in a chelated form;
  • increasing yields per hectare and improving the quality of harvested fruits;
  • the possibility of joint use with most pesticide preparations after the test;
  • fast dissolution in water, due to which the preparation of the working fluid does not take much time;
  • convenience of the formulation - microgranules do not create dust when they are poured into a container for preparing a solution.

Instructions for using the drug

The instructions for use indicate the fertilization rates for different purposes of use.

Growing plantsUsage rateWorking fluid consumptionMethod of application and recommended terms
Outdoor crops0.05 to 1 kg per hectare of area200 to 1000 liters per hectare of fieldUse no more than 4 times per season for foliar feeding of plants, taking a break between treatments for 1 week
Outdoor plantsFrom 100 to 150 grams of microgranules per ton of seed material (recommended to be used in conjunction with a dressing agent)3 to 20 liters per ton of seedUsed once, processing seeds before planting in open ground
Greenhouse crops0.1 to 1 gram per liter of waterFrom 2 to 10 liters of working solution per hectare of plantingUsed for foliar dressing

To prepare a working solution, take the required amount of settled water and add the rate of granules. Mix thoroughly until the fertilizer is completely dissolved and start processing.

Using "Rexolin", adhere to the following recommendations:

  • prepare a solution immediately before use;
  • foliar feeding of crops is done either early in the morning or in the evening, after sunset;
  • before starting treatments, check the mixture for phytotoxicity;
  • work is carried out at a minimum wind speed.

Safety when working with "Rexolin"

The drug "Rexolin" belongs to the 3rd class of toxicity, that is, to moderately hazardous drugs. When working with fertilizer, basic safety rules are observed:

  • use protective coveralls, rubber gloves and a scarf;
  • Wear a mask or respirator to prevent the chemical from entering the respiratory tract;
  • the access of pets and small children is limited to the place of preparation of working fluid;
  • during processing, refrain from eating and drinking, as well as from smoking;
  • after the end of the work, all clothes are washed and take a shower with detergent.

If the solution accidentally gets on mucous surfaces or on the skin, wash it off with plenty of running water and contact the nearest medical institution for help, not forgetting to take the fertilizer label with you.

Fertilizer compatibility

Fertilizer "Rexolin" can be used in tank mixes with most plant protection products, but before that it is recommended to do a chemical compatibility test by mixing a small amount of each product. Do not mix the top dressing with calcium nitrate.

Shelf life and storage conditions

The manufacturer's instructions do not indicate the period during which the fertilizer is considered suitable for use. The chemical is stored in separate utility rooms, which are locked. They should be dry and dark, the recommended temperature is not higher than 27 degrees Celsius. It is important to keep children and pets away from the chemical bags to avoid poisoning.

Drug analogs

Rexolin does not have a complete analogue in composition. However, if it is not on sale, it is allowed to replace it with drugs with a similar effect on cultivated plants, for example, Majestic.

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