Description of the tomato variety Pelageya and its characteristics

Description of the tomato variety Pelageya and its characteristics

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Tomato "Pelageya" was created for cultivation in open ground and in greenhouses. Variety "Pelageya" is resistant to weather stress, unpretentious and consistently productive, has earned only good reviews.

Description and characteristics

Description of the variety: "Pelageya" is a mid-early, medium-fruited variety. Gives the first harvest 105-110 days after germination. The bush of this variety is semi-determinate, reaches 60-75 cm. The stem is powerful, well developed. The leaves on the bushes are of normal shape, light, slightly corrugated. The plant gives 3-4 stepchildren. Stepson does not require. Tying Pelageya tomatoes is preferred, but not required. The yield of this variety is good: 6-7.5 kg per 1 sq. m.

Characteristics of the fruits: The fruits of ripe tomatoes "Pelageya" are red, however, they are not bright, but have an orange tint. Fruit weight is about 220-250 grams. Fruits with excellent taste and technical qualities. The pulp of tomatoes is juicy, on a cut of 4-5 chambers, there is a small amount of seeds.

These tomatoes are grown for fresh consumption, as well as for processing, including for whole-fruit canning, as well as for pickling. After heat treatment, the amount of vitamins in tomatoes almost doubles!

Reviews for the transportability and keeping quality of the variety are also positive.

How to grow fruitful tomato bushes

Those who planted the "Pelageya" variety note resistance to verticillous and fusarium leaf wilt, but these tomatoes are often affected by late blight.

For almost all tomato varieties, the following rules apply:

  • Fertilize the sprouts once a week with liquid fertilizing for seedlings of vegetable plants.
  • During transplantation, drugs are used to strengthen the root system, as well as ash, which is used to powder the holes.
  • Before the seedlings are planted, they are examined. Weakened as well as broken plants are discarded.
  • The landing is carried out according to the scheme 50 x 40 cm.
  • Tomatoes tolerate overhead irrigation satisfactorily, but drip irrigation is preferred.
  • It is better to tie a planted tomato bush to a vertical or horizontal support and then fix it as it grows.
  • After planting tomato bushes, you need to water the tomatoes every 10 days.
  • Mulch the soil under the plant with finely chopped grass.
  • Timely fertilize and fertilize the bushes.
  • Remove all lower leaves to improve tomato ripening, better aeration of the bushes.
  • Loosen and weed the beds.
  • To get the harvest of the Pelageya tomato earlier than in 110 days, you can use the preparations accelerating the growth and ripening of vegetables.

Tips for beginners

The Pelageya variety produces the main harvest in July, so attention should be paid to preserve as many ovaries as possible. Tomatoes suffer from intense sun exposure, elevated blooming temperatures, and low air humidity. In the summer heat, a shading net is pulled over the beds, which protects tomato fruits from sunburn, shades them and creates a humid microclimate. Such nets save the harvest of tomatoes and from the raids of the Colorado potato beetle, if they are pulled lower over the bushes.

After each rain, tomato bushes must be treated with a solution of Bordeaux liquid.

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