Instructions for use and composition of Isocin, consumption rates and analogues of the product

Instructions for use and composition of Isocin, consumption rates and analogues of the product

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The introduction of rodents in fields or gardens is a huge problem for farmers. These are crop losses, spoilage, the possibility of contamination of products. In addition, mice reproduce rapidly and are carriers of dangerous diseases. The use of "Isocin" allows to protect crops of cereals and other plantings of open and protected ground from the invasion of vole mice and other varieties of small rodents.

Composition, preparative form and what the agent is used for

The product is produced by the Russian association "Agrokhim", which specializes in the production of fertilizers, pesticides, insecticides and other agricultural products.

Isocin is an oil concentrate containing 3 grams of isopropylphenacin per liter. It is used to prepare a poisonous bait that is effective against various types of rodents. These are vole mice, hamsters, house mice, gray rats. The baits are used on plantings of open and protected ground to rid areas of small rodents.

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"Isocin" is packaged in plastic cans with a capacity of 5 and 10 liters, each of which contains information about the name, purpose of the drug and the rules of its use.

Benefits of the drug

This effective rodent control agent for all types and types of landings has many advantages:

  • effective with a high number and abundance of varieties;
  • the bait is easy and quick to prepare;
  • optimal ratio of quality and price;
  • low consumption when working with the drug;
  • even a single ingestion of the bait is fatal to the pests.

The bait should be placed in a place inaccessible to other animals and birds. The oily form of the preparation allows it to be evenly distributed over the surface of the bait base.

How "Izocin" works

The agent is an anticoagulant from the coumarin group. When it is eaten in rodents, intoxication develops very quickly, the drug reduces blood clotting, and the animals die from internal bleeding.

For the complete extermination of colonies in greenhouses, greenhouses and at home, the bait is laid out in the supposed habitats of rodents and periodically added for two weeks.

The period of protective action and the speed of exposure

"Isocin" works even with a single ingestion of the bait. The death of rodents occurs 3-5 days after treatment. The period of protective action depends on the number of animals. With a small number of treatments, one treatment is enough for 9-12 months. With a significant amount, double treatments are possible with an interval between them of 2 weeks. With systematic long-term treatment, the effectiveness may decrease, the drug should be replaced with a similar agent with another active substance.

Consumption rate and instructions for use

To create a bait, the preparation is used to treat steamed grains of oats, wheat, and corn. For rats, use pieces of fish or meat. Vegetables cut into small cubes are used: carrots, beets, pumpkin, potatoes. To prepare 1 kilogram of the finished mixture, 30 milliliters of concentrate is enough.

The composition is prepared at special sites. The bait material and concentrate are mixed in drums, etching machines, and special containers. Transportation of the finished bait from the place of preparation to the place of use is carried out in a tightly closed container. Before use, the bait should be kept for 3-4 to 12 hours so that the concentrate is completely absorbed into the base.

The drug has a hazard class 2. Specially trained personnel provided with personal protective equipment are allowed to work with it. Overalls, respirator, rubber gloves, goggles are required. In case of contact with eyes or skin, wash off with plenty of running water and consult a doctor.

Important: you need to protect pets from accidentally eating the poisoned base.

The bait is placed in burrows, bait boxes, plastic tubes. When processing residential and utility rooms, it is placed at intervals of 3-5 meters or in places of the supposed habitat of rodents. Enough 10-20 grams of bait on the hole, 40-50 grams are placed in the boxes.

Compatibility with other pesticides

The product is used separately from other agricultural products. Mixing with insecticides and pesticides can reduce the effectiveness of Isocin.

Storage of the drug

Isocin is stored in special rooms in its original packaging. The name of the drug, its purpose and instructions for use are mandatory on the container. They contain it in places inaccessible to children, pets, away from feed and food. Under conditions that exclude accidental use.


The analogs for the active substance are: "Mortorat G"; "Mortorat MB"; "Warat G"; "Warat MB".

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