Is it possible to plant strawberries after garlic and vice versa

Is it possible to plant strawberries after garlic and vice versa

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Many gardeners are wondering if it is possible to plant strawberries after garlic? Now we will analyze this issue and some other nuances of crop rotation on the site. So let's start by answering the first question.

Can strawberries be planted after garlic?

Garlic is a bulbous plant. During its growth, the soil remains fertile, and harmful microorganisms and fungi are also destroyed. May beetle larvae, slugs and a bear are afraid of the neighborhood with garlic heads. During growth, garlic releases phytoncides into the soil, disinfecting it. At the same time, it does not do any harm to plants.

After garlic, you can plant strawberries and other vegetables. The roots greatly deplete the fertile soil layer during growth, so it is not recommended to grow this crop for more than three years in the same place.

You can plant strawberries in the place where they grew last season: parsley, onions, peas, beans, radishes, this has a positive effect on the future growth of strawberries and the harvest. The plant is less susceptible to diseases, the soil is fertile. And after tomatoes, eggplant, peppers and potatoes, on the contrary, it is not recommended to grow, because there is a high probability of infection of plants with verticellosis.

Can garlic be grown with strawberries?

Neighborhood with strawberries has a positive effect on the growth of both crops. There are several reasons for this:

  1. Thanks to the phytoncides secreted by bulbous, fungal diseases do not develop in such beds.
  2. Garlic repels slugs and insects that love to feast on sweet strawberries. Without protection, you can lose half of the crop. The weevil lays the larvae directly in the bud, and they eat the flowers. Phytoncides scare away this insect, saving the future harvest.
  3. When growing strawberry tops with garlic together, the space of the beds is significantly saved.
  4. It is much easier to fertilize and maintain a vegetable garden when there are several varieties of plants growing in the beds.

Planting and growing plants

For winter, bulbous can be planted in slices or seeds on strawberries in rows to a depth of 4-5 centimeters. After planting, the bed is covered with a layer of humus or compost mixed with wood ash. Additionally, you can cover it with straw or dry leaves, and the spruce legs will keep the spring snow, and when it melts, it will moisten the soil. Garlic planted with strawberries will grow larger.

Top dressing of the garden in spring

After the snow melts from the beds, garlic planted in strawberries, the mulching layer of leaves is removed and the ground is watered with a solution of pink potassium permanganate. After this procedure, between plantings, the earth is thoroughly loosened and mixed with humus, scattered since autumn.

In the spring, before active growth, the beds are watered with infusion of chicken droppings. Strawberries and garlic will benefit from this fertilizer. To do this, put a thick mixture for 10 days in a warm place, and then dilute it at the rate of 100 grams of droppings per 10 liters of water and water the plants at the root.

Garlic and Strawberry Care

Both plants love moist soil and should not be allowed to dry out. In the absence of precipitation, regularly water the plants. You also need to weed a bed with plants, otherwise the weed will take away all the nutrients, and the berries will not get anything.

Some gardeners cover the ground with a film or mulch between the plants of the grown garlic. Thus, moisture stays in the soil longer and the grass grows more slowly. To obtain a high-quality harvest of berries and garlic in the summer, garlic arrows are broken off, and the strawberry whiskers are cut off.

What plants to plant next to strawberries

After strawberries, wild strawberries and raspberries, soil fertility in the fall deteriorates significantly. Therefore, next year, the earth is allowed to rest. How is this done?

Before wintering, the soil is fertilized with organic and mineral fertilizers, dug up and left until spring, you can plant crops in this place that do not require high yields. What can the soil rest with? List of plants:

  • Legumes - peas, beans, beans, lentils. The roots of these plants accumulate nitrogen in the soil, after harvesting it will be fed with nitrogen minerals.
  • Bulbous - onions, garlic. Plants contribute to the accumulation of applied fertilizers, the preservation of soil fertility, the released phytoncides destroy the fungus and scare away pests.
  • Cabbage - cabbage, radish, radish, mustard.
  • Greens - parsley, dill, celery, spinach.
  • Flowers - daffodils, tulips, peonies and violets.

In the first season, it is recommended to plant garlic and onions, and in the next two years, plant any other vegetable from the above. After strawberries, you need to plant garlic to restore, disinfect and repel pests. But before sowing any crop, the land must be fertilized with organic fertilizing.... How can you feed the beds? For fertilizing the soil, apply:

  1. cow dung;
  2. chicken droppings;
  3. decayed plants and leaves;
  4. peat.

After 3 seasons, you can continue growing delicious berries in this garden.

Popular strawberry variety

Among the many varieties, the most delicious and largest berry is distinguished, the variety of which is called Victoria. She received the name from the Queen of England. Gardeners who like to experiment in their beds can grow an excellent harvest.

The weight of one berry reaches 75 grams, which distinguishes Victoria among other varieties of strawberries. The berry has a sweet taste with a slight sourness. In one season, a strawberry bush gives two harvests, while the fruits of the second harvest are larger than the first.

If you are tired of growing the same strawberry variety, then you can plant Victoria strawberry, it will adequately replace the usual berry for several seasons.

So, we learned that garlic is a very healthy crop. It can be planted before planting strawberries and planted side by side. In this case, the soil in the garden will only improve.

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