Characteristics and description of the tomato variety Buffalo Heart, its yield

Characteristics and description of the tomato variety Buffalo Heart, its yield

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Tomatoes Buffalo Heart are an innovative variety, which, despite its recent appearance, already confidently occupies a leading position in the sales market and in the hearts of gardeners and summer residents.

A characteristic feature of this variety is its suitability for cultivation in all regions of our country. Siberian breeders invented this variety. Such a "bison" is a natural "Siberian": it is strong, huge, resistant to drought and frost.

Characteristics of this varietal variety

The description of such a variety should start with the size of the fruit. They are truly huge: the weight of one fruit can vary from 500 grams to 1 kg. Taste qualities of tomatoes Buffalo heart are excellent: they are characterized by a special meatiness and sweetness.

This variety is unique, the huge size of the fruit in it is successfully combined with the short stature of the bush. The weight of one fruit can reach 1 kg, and the size of the bush reaches only 80 - 100 cm.

In terms of ripening, this variety is a mid-season variety. Harvesting begins 100-115 days after planting. This variety is not a hybrid, and there are no F1 hybrids of the same name. The characteristics of this tomato indicate the acceptability of both greenhouse and open field cultivation.

One of the important advantages of such tomatoes is their resistance to any kind of diseases and pests. The variety is practically not susceptible to any diseases, it is also not subject to pests.

The fruits are round, shaped like a heart. Very fleshy with few seeds. Fruits are pink with a raspberry tinge. Another advantage of this type is the excellent transport capabilities of tomatoes and their long shelf life.

The yield of the variety is very high, up to 10 kg of delicious fleshy fruits are harvested from one bush per season. Such tomatoes are ideal for fresh consumption: they are used to prepare various salads, stewed, fried and boiled dishes. They make delicious tomato juice, ketchup, sauce. But it will not work to roll up a sweet tomato for the winter in a jar due to its large size.

How to grow

This variety is planted in open ground with seedlings. Seeds for seedlings begin to be prepared 2 months before the required planting in open ground.

Seeds are sown in special containers to a depth of no more than one centimeter, the substrate should be loose and moist. After planting the seeds, the soil is sprayed with a spray bottle and the containers are placed in a warm place. Can be covered with glass to speed up retirement times. Then they wait for the sprouts to appear. When two true leaves appear on the seedlings, the seedlings dive into separate containers.

When the seedlings get strong enough, and 4-5 true leaves appear on the seedlings, you can plant it in open ground.

An important point! Before planting seedlings in open soil, it must be "hardened"; for this, the containers are taken out into the street or onto the balcony, first for a short time, gradually bringing it up to a day.

In open soil, seedlings are placed no more than 4 pieces per square meter. To increase yields, the plant is fed with natural fertilizers or universal fertilizers that are sold in specialized stores.

Watering is also done as needed, in this matter it is necessary to ensure that the soil does not dry out, but it is not constantly wet. The plant must be pinched in a timely manner, as well as remove weeds and regularly loosen the soil.

You can successfully grow this variety in a greenhouse. With this growing method, you will get tasty fruits much earlier, just do not forget about regular airing of the greenhouse and temperature control.

Buffalo Heart tomatoes are very easy to care for, disease resistant and taste great. If you follow all the recommendations, you can grow excellent sweet tomatoes on your own.

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