TOP 13 delicious recipes for pickling cucumbers and tomatoes for the winter

TOP 13 delicious recipes for pickling cucumbers and tomatoes for the winter

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Assorted vegetables are the best option for winter storage. By harvesting several main ingredients at once, you can significantly reduce the cooking time for salted seals. In addition, cucumbers will keep much better with tomatoes. Therefore, recipes for pickling cucumbers and tomatoes "Assorted" for the winter will please every housewife.

Features of pickling assorted tomatoes and cucumbers for the winter

The amount of spice will vary depending on personal preference. After the cans are twisted, they are turned over, placed on the floor and wrapped in a blanket.

Selecting and preparing vegetables

All ingredients must be fresh and free from visible damage. It is better to use fruits of medium size, which are convenient to place in containers. For the cucumbers to become crisper, they must first be soaked in cold water for two hours. Fruit legs are removed from tomatoes.

Preparation of containers

To start, the containers will need to be washed with a soda solution, and then rinsed with boiling water. Further, the process of sterilization of containers is carried out in a hot oven or in a water bath. To do this, the containers are placed upside down in a deep saucepan with boiling liquid.

The most delicious salting recipes

To prepare for the winter with excellent taste, it is recommended to use delicious recipes for salting vegetables.

A simple recipe for the winter

Salting according to this recipe is simple and quick. What do you need:

  • vegetables - 500 grams;
  • sweet peppers - 2 pieces;
  • garlic - 5 cloves;
  • salt and sugar - 2 large spoons;
  • vinegar - a large spoon.

Pour boiling water over the filled containers for ten minutes. Drain into a saucepan, add all the spices, vinegar and add again to the vegetables. Roll up with a key, turn over the cans and wrap them with a blanket.

Without sterilization

This recipe will help you roll up your favorite vegetables quickly. The amount of ingredients is taken in a 3-liter container. The method without sterilization means that vegetables in cans will need to be poured with boiling water twice and wait ten minutes, and the third time with hot marinade. The last step is to pour in the vinegar and roll up the containers.

With zucchini

Using this method, you can pickle crispy zucchini. What do you need:

  • tomatoes and cucumbers - 500 grams;
  • zucchini - 300 grams;
  • spices to taste;
  • salt and sugar - 2 large spoons;
  • vinegar - 1 large spoon.

Filled containers are poured with boiling water for ten minutes, and the second time - for 15 minutes. For the third time, salt, vinegar and sugar are added to the liquid. After boiling, they are poured into containers. Roll up with a key.

With cauliflower

To salt, you need:

  • cucumbers - 8 pieces;
  • cauliflower - head of cabbage;
  • tomatoes - 5 pieces;
  • garlic - 6 cloves;
  • salt and sugar - 2 tablespoons;
  • allspice - 5 peas;
  • vinegar - a large spoon.

Divide the cabbage into inflorescences. Place herbs and garlic in the container, then the second layer - cabbage, cucumbers and tomatoes. Boil liquid in a deep container and pour it into jars. After ten minutes, drain the water back into the container, add the spices and boil again. Pour vegetables again with hot marinade and roll up.

With citric acid

Salted vegetables can be rolled up without adding vinegar. What to take:

  • vegetables;
  • garlic and pepper - 3 pieces;
  • horseradish leaves - 2 pieces;
  • sugar and salt - 2 large spoons;
  • citric acid - a teaspoon.

Place horseradish leaves, pepper and garlic at the bottom of the container. Then the rest of the vegetables are laid out, as well as salt and sugar. Next, the containers are poured with boiling water, wait ten minutes and pour the liquid into a saucepan. After boiling, the brine is poured into containers again.

With Aspirin

Salting with Aspirin will prevent the containers from exploding. The amount of ingredients is taken at personal discretion, and vegetables are salted according to any recipe. For one 3-liter jar, three Aspirin tablets are taken. They need to be finely crushed and immediately added to the container. It remains to pour the marinade and roll up.

With cherry tomatoes

For pickling, take one kilogram of vegetables: cucumbers, cherry tomatoes and bell peppers. Salt and other spices are selected to taste. Salt in this way is better in barrels. Horseradish and cherry leaves are laid out at the bottom, then vegetables and herbs. Next, a brine is prepared from salt, sugar and vinegar. Vegetables are poured with hot liquid, covered with gauze and a wooden circle with a weight is placed.

With pepper in Bulgarian

The number of ingredients and the technology for preparing a gathering with a classic recipe. For a 3-liter bottle, 3-4 bell peppers will be enough. Horseradish or currant leaves are placed at the bottom of the container, then pepper and other vegetables. After the container, pour hot marinade and pour in vinegar. It remains only to properly sterilize.

With squash without vinegar

This method is for pickling in liter jars. What do you need:

  • cucumbers and tomatoes - 4 pieces;
  • squash - 3 pieces;
  • sugar and salt - 50 grams;
  • vinegar - dessert spoon;
  • spices to taste.

Horseradish leaves, vegetables, squash cut into slices, and then greens are placed on the bottom of the container. The filled container is poured with boiling water, after 20 minutes it is poured into a container, salted and sugar-coated. After boiling, poured into a container.

In tomato juice

For a rich taste, add tomato juice. Take medium-sized vegetables, a couple of garlic cloves, spices and a dessert spoon of vinegar. The filled container is poured with boiling water, the liquid is drained, boiled again and the vegetables are poured. Then the tomato is boiled with the addition of salt, sugar and vinegar. Pour in tomato and roll up.

In jelly

Gelatin protects salted vegetables from fermentation. For three kilograms of vegetables, you will need 4 tablespoons of gelatin, all other spices to taste. As soon as the marinade boils, vinegar and gelatin are added to it, and then stir thoroughly until completely dissolved. Filled containers are poured with liquid.

In grape leaves

The grape leaf contributes to the preservation of fresh taste. Medium-sized vegetables should be wrapped in leaves and placed in a container. Next, spices are added to the container and poured with boiling water. Drain the liquid, add vinegar and salt, boil and pour vegetables again. Roll up containers and wait for cooling.

With onion

Pickled onions will perfectly complement winter pickling. What do you need:

  • cucumbers - 1 kilogram;
  • tomatoes - 1 kilogram;
  • onions - 2 pieces;
  • lavrushka - 3 pieces;
  • black pepper - 4 peas;
  • salt and granulated sugar - a tablespoon;
  • vinegar - a teaspoon.

Boil water in a separate container. Place black pepper, bay leaf and garlic in glass containers. Next are cucumbers, onions, and the next layer is tomatoes. Add sugar and salt to the water and wait until it boils. Pour hot marinade into filled containers. Pour in vinegar and roll up.

Further storage of conservation

Pickles should be stored in a cool room, where the air temperature does not rise above 10 degrees. A cellar or basement is best suited for this purpose.

Canned vegetables will be stored for up to three years. A workpiece that has undergone the necessary sterilization can be stored at room temperature.

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