Description of varieties of royal dates, their useful properties and harm

Description of varieties of royal dates, their useful properties and harm

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For centuries, the inhabitants of the Asian and African continents have been growing and eating dates, which are loved by people all over the world. Dates differ in size and color. Due to the absence of ascorbic acid and essential oils, dates have no sour taste and aromatic notes. The Medjool variety is considered the king of dates; it is distinguished by its large size, thin skin, soft and delicate pulp.

Features of the royal date

Only experienced tasters can distinguish the varieties of dates by taste, since they do not include spicy, aromatic and specific ingredients that give the fruit a unique taste and aroma.

The name of the Medjool variety is translated in different ways in different sources: Majkhul, Majkhol, Mejul. It is considered royal because of its large size and taste, high content of potassium, trace elements and vitamins. Fruit sizes are up to 8 centimeters long. There is a caramel flavor in the taste.

Where do royal dates grow?

Scientists believe that the Medjool variety is home to Morocco. Currently, Israel is the leader in the volume of cultivation and supply of this particular variety to different countries of the world. It is cultivated on an industrial scale in all countries with hot and dry climates.

Existing varieties

There are more than a dozen varieties of dates: Mazfati, Kabkak, Hasufi, Barhi, Anbar, Rabi, Safavi, Sagai and many others. Each variety has differences in composition, structure of pulp and skin, differs in size and color.

According to humidity, they are divided into 3 groups: with high humidity - this is more than 25%, medium humidity - from 18% to 25%, low humidity - up to 18%.

The general properties of dried fruits are the taste and healing properties that they have on the human body. The Medjul variety rightfully occupies a leading position in this list due to its taste, composition and medicinal properties.

Biological and vitamin composition

Different sources indicate approximately the same composition of dates, which contains a minimum amount of proteins and fats. The bulk of the composition of the fruit contains carbohydrates, of which 67% is allocated to the share of sugars and 7% of fiber, the rest is water. The fruits are rich in vitamins A, K, and group B (almost a complete set).

Of the trace elements, potassium is present in large quantities - 700 milligrams and calcium - 64 milligrams per 100 grams of fruit. Copper, zinc, manganese, magnesium, iron, sodium, phosphorus are contained in dried fruits in smaller quantities.

The benefits of the fetus for the body

The beneficial properties of dates are determined by their composition, which provides the body with a charge of energy and vigor. Dried fruits help to strengthen the work of the heart and cope with a shattered nervous system, regulate the functioning of the stomach, liver, and intestines. The healing properties of this fruit are beneficial for adults and the elderly, as well as for children.

Fruit seeds are also eaten, which are ground with a coffee grinder and added to coffee beans when making coffee. In industry, bones are used in cosmetology.

Prevention of cardiovascular diseases

The high content of potassium and vitamin K makes dates an irreplaceable supplement in the diet, for the prevention of abnormalities in the work of the heart and its improvement. The fruits help to strengthen the walls of blood vessels and remove harmful cholesterol from the body, lowering blood pressure.

For the work of the nervous system

The presence of B vitamins in dried fruits helps to cope with the tense rhythms of modern life and strengthens the nervous system. A cup of tea with dates in the morning will give you confidence and calmness for the whole day, before bedtime it will help you fall asleep quickly and ensure a good sleep.

For the digestive tract

The presence in dates of easily digestible sugars, iron, vitamins, fiber promotes metabolism, the production of useful cholesterol, hemoglobin. The inclusion of dried fruits in the diet improves the functioning of the liver, intestines, stomach.

In the presence of serious violations in the work of these organs, it is necessary to consult with your doctor about the amount of dried fruit consumed.

For skin and hair improvement

Vitamins A and group B contribute to skin rejuvenation, slow down the aging process, promote hair growth, give it the airiness and shine of cashmere.

Masks for the face, neck and décolleté from steamed dried fruit gruel have a refreshing effect on the skin, tighten the face contour, and eliminate mimic wrinkles. Adding juices of lemon, orange, egg white, yeast enhances the effect of the procedures. The mask on the hair roots from the gruel of the fruit gives them softness, elasticity and shine, restores the vitality of the hair.

Healing properties

In the medical plan, dates can be considered as an addition to medications for anemia, diseases of the heart, liver, kidneys, and nervous system. This determines the set of vitamins, trace elements that make up their composition. Bones also have healing properties, which are used (tinctures are prepared from crushed bones) when removing stones from the kidneys and biliary tract.

For pregnant

In pregnant women, during the formation of the fetus, there is often a deterioration in the condition of hair, teeth, dry skin, instability of the nervous system, interruptions in the work of the heart. The inclusion of dates in the diet of pregnant women will help facilitate the processes of restructuring the female body, supply the necessary micro- and macroelements, vitamins not only to the expectant mother, but also to the child, and contribute to its correct and harmonious development.

During toxicosis, when the refusal of food in women sometimes lasts more than one month, taking dates in small quantities helps to replenish the daily intake of carbohydrates (give strength), potassium (heart function), glucose (brain activity), B vitamins (decrease in nervous excitability ).

For men

According to statistics, the male population is in first place for diseases associated with the work of the heart. The high content of potassium in dates helps prevent and reduce the risk of their occurrence. Often, men's work is directly related to great physical exertion, and the introduction of dried fruits into the diet will supply the male body with carbohydrates, sugars, calcium, which will increase the body's ability to work, and contribute to the strengthening of bone tissue.

In the age of constant stress, vitamins A and group B will help men cope with nervous tension and increase male strength (in terms of increasing potency), improve the general condition of the whole body.

For children

Children are happy to feast on dates instead of sweets, if they do not have diathesis. There is practically no allergic reaction to these dried fruits due to the neutral taste. The main thing is to first remove the seeds from dried fruits before giving them to children, and not to leave them in an accessible place unattended.

The presence of iron, calcium, potassium, vitamins A and group B will help children during the period of growth, strengthening teeth and forming bones, increase hemoglobin after colds, strengthen the nervous system and immunity, and have a beneficial effect on vision in the age of computer technology and gadgets.

In what form can you use

In our retail chains, dates are presented in the form of dried fruits; in a number of restaurants in megacities, they can be served fresh, as an addition to a dish. Before use, dried fruits are washed with boiling water, followed by rinsing with cold boiled water.

Long-distance transportation contributes to the contamination of fruits with painful microflora, which can cause intestinal upset.

Dried fruits can be infused in hot water until completely softened, which is popular with many, especially children and the elderly. Dates are added when cooking orange compote, they soften and complement the aroma of citrus essential oils. Fruit marshmallows, jam are prepared from the fruits, they are added to baked goods and desserts. In Asian countries, wine is produced from dried fruits.

Daily dose

The daily intake of dates depends on the rules of nutrition in the family or individual preferences, health status, and the tendency of the human body to be overweight. If a person is not overweight and has health problems, the consumption of dates can be unlimited. However, they must be consumed within reasonable limits.

With a tendency to gain excess weight, adherence to proper nutrition, in the process of losing weight, eating a few dates with morning tea will bring the body about 30 kilocalories - this will give a boost of vivacity and improve brain activity for the whole day. A single use in the amount of 10 pieces will give about 130-150 kilocalories, which, with active life, without the risk of overeating, everyone can afford.


The use of dates cannot bring harm to the body. Contraindication is the presence of diabetes mellitus, obesity, body intolerance.A complete rejection of dried fruits is necessary only in case of intolerance, which can lead to irreparable consequences. For other diseases, taking in normal amounts with tea or in natural form will not bring harm.Dates are gifts of nature. Do not deny yourself the pleasure of drinking a cup of fragrant tea with a bite of wonderful dried fruits that nature has been giving to mankind for centuries.

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