Characteristics and description of the tomato variety Mishka clubfoot, features of its cultivation

Characteristics and description of the tomato variety Mishka clubfoot, features of its cultivation

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Tomato Mishka clubfoot is a bright representative of high-yielding varieties, which regularly receives positive reviews from vegetable growers and has established itself as a crop that can be grown in almost every region of Russia. This variety is considered to be quite new and very promising.

Description of the variety

This tomato can be grown in any part of our country. The clubfoot bear grows well both in the ground and in greenhouses. A vegetable grower, as a rule, does not have anxiety about the storage of fruits: the bear can boast of excellent keeping quality and the ability to transport it over any distance.

During the harvesting process, it is not necessary to wait until the tomatoes are fully ripe: the clubfoot bear ripens perfectly in a warm room, the taste of the fruits becomes as good as if the tomatoes were ripening on a bush.

The only condition for the ripening of tomatoes at home is room temperature. It is good if the parameters are in the range of 20 - 22 ° С: the description of the tomato Mishka clubfoot contains information about such temperature indicators.

Sweet juicy fruits with yellow or any other color are best eaten fresh. On their basis, you can prepare salad, ketchup, sauce. Tomato juice, which is made from the fruits of the Clubfoot Bear, is always tasty and fresh. It can be drunk both fresh and canned.

Russian breeders bred Mishka the clubfoot, having received a variety devoid of many properties that did not suit summer residents and agronomists. Tomatoes of this variety can be grown in any region. Depending on the prevailing climatic conditions, it is necessary to decide whether to plant a tomato in a greenhouse or plant it in open ground.

It should be remembered that this plant is indeterminate, tall, the vegetative mass is formed quite moderately. The choice of the landing site should be determined and taking into account these facts.

Harvested raspberry tomatoes are easy to store and transport. The fruits can be picked green: tomatoes will quickly turn red if stored in a warm, dry room at room temperature.


Currently, the Mishka clubfoot tomato is presented in four versions. There are no significant differences between them, however, some nuances should be considered at the time of choosing seeds for planting.

The clubfoot bear is presented in the following variants:

  1. Tomato yellow Teddy bear. The height of the bush reaches 1.9 meters. The fruits are yellow, the flesh is sweet, tasty, dense. The average weight of one fruit is 0.8 kg. The species is resistant to damage by Alternaria, tobacco mosaic, Fusarium.
  2. Bear clumsy orange. A powerful bush needs constant pinching, it is formed into two stems. The color of the fruit is bright orange, the shape is ribbed heart-shaped. The size is large, the resistance to the development of diseases is very high.
  3. Teddy bear pink toe. A tomato bush with medium-sized leaves, the maximum height can reach one and a half meters. The fruits are in the form of a drop, the surface is glossy. Tomatoes have a large mass that can surprise even experienced vegetable growers: tomatoes can weigh 0.9 - 1 kg. The crop yield is high, the ripening period is average.
  4. Red clubfoot bear. The foliage is medium, the maximum height is up to 190 centimeters. The fruits are very large, heart-shaped, with a weight sometimes reaching 0.8 - 0.9 kg. The taste of such a tomato is non-acidic, richly sweet. It is better to grow in a greenhouse.

Whatever kind of Bears the clubfoot is planted by a vegetable grower, you can always be sure of getting a rich harvest and excellent taste of fruits.

Advantages of the variety

The characteristic and description of the tomato variety Bear Footed will not leave anyone indifferent. The variety has a number of advantages:

  • excellent taste;
  • high productivity;
  • increased content of substances beneficial to the body;
  • ease of growing;
  • disease resistance;
  • the possibility of long-term transportation.

Gardeners who have been growing Teddy Bear tomatoes for more than one year can name certain disadvantages, leaving extremely truthful reviews. First of all, the disadvantages include the need to form a bush, the increased demands of the variety on the quality characteristics of the soil. Tomato Bear requires garden soil, wood ash and humus to be included in the soil substrate.

The varied color range fully corresponds to the characteristics of the Mishka Clubfoot tomatoes, decorating any feast. But this will only be possible if all the necessary conditions for caring for seedlings and adult bushes planted in the ground are met.

How to grow

The most important thing that you need to know before sowing for seedlings is the fact that this tomato is recommended to be grown by planting seedlings. To ensure the maximum quality of the material, it is necessary to sow from March 15 to early April. Deepening should be done by 1 - 15 cm.

The phase of two true leaves is a signal to start a pick. During the cultivation of seedlings, it is necessary to apply mineral fertilizers several times. 10 - 14 days before transplanting plants into the ground, it is necessary to start hardening the seedlings, taking them out to the balcony. Before planting, you need to make sure that the distance between the proposed bushes is at least 0.5 meters. It is possible to arrange the bushes from each other in the same row at a distance of 0.3 - 0.4 meters.

In order for the harvest to be better, experienced summer residents give advice: deformed flowers and leaves should be removed, the growth point must be pinched.

The process of applying dressings must be carefully considered. It is important that no organic fertilizers should be applied at the time of planting.

At this time, it is better to feed the plants with a complex fertilizer containing phosphate and potassium. In the future, given that the Clubfoot Bear is very picky about the composition of the soil, the application of mineral and organic fertilizers should be alternated.

Watering a tomato The clubfoot bear requires close attention. Tomatoes are a crop that loves moisture, but in moderation. Irrigation is best done with settled water at a comfortable temperature. Watering the plants abundantly, it is important not to overdo it, because excess moisture can destroy the bush.

One of the features of the cultivation of tomatoes of the Mishka clubfoot variety is the need to mulch the soil. This helps to reduce water consumption and relieve the grower of some of the activities that are carried out in order to water the plants in the greenhouse. Mulch helps to reduce the number of weeds that are uncomfortable to grow in less than ideal conditions.

Practice shows that if the soil mulching method was used when growing tomatoes in a greenhouse, the yield can increase by 25% compared to uncovered land - these are the features of agricultural technology. The ripening period of tomatoes is getting shorter, in some cases it is about one and a half to two weeks.

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