Description of the Ant cucumber variety, its characteristics and yield

Description of the Ant cucumber variety, its characteristics and yield

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Scientists of the Manul agricultural firm have once again tried and created to the delight of vegetable growers a wonderful sprinter cucumber Ant f1. The hybrid very quickly gained recognition in the dacha and garden society and continues to gain popularity.

Seeds of excellent quality have almost one hundred percent germination. Cucumbers grow tasty, flavorful, gherkin type. The surface is covered with large spiked tubercles. Thanks to their size, they are great for pickling.


The description of the Ant f1 variety from the manufacturer is quite promising. Breeders have concluded valuable qualities for gardeners in one hybrid:

  • high taste;
  • limited branching of the bush;
  • reduced exactingness to weather conditions;
  • parthenocarpicity;
  • resistance to standard diseases of cucumbers;
  • early maturity;
  • small size and neat appearance of the fruit;
  • suitable for open and protected ground.


Seedlings are sown in a nutritious loose soil mixture at the end of April. Seeds of cucumbers Ant are pre-soaked. After the appearance of 3-4 true leaves, the sprouts can be planted in open ground, covering the beds with foil or in a greenhouse. Calculation of the number of roots, approximately 3-5 per 1 square meter in the open field and 2-3 - in the greenhouse.

You can plant seeds directly into the ground, but you need to wait for a good heating of the soil and cover the seedlings with foil. Like any other cucumber labeled “f1”, they are not suitable for picking seeds for the next season. The characteristics of the hybrids are retained only in the first generation.

Bush formation

When planting, the seedling is slightly deepened to form a more powerful root system. The hybrid has the property of not growing. The bush branches a little and the lateral shoots do not stretch out. The center stem grows well and requires a garter. Cucumbers of this hybrid are demanding on lighting, if the lashes are not tied up, the plant will not ovary in shaded areas. For the full development of the root system, mulching is preferable.


Cucumbers are watered only with warm water, at least 24-25 ℃, and at least 1-2 times a day. Cold water does not allow the plant to develop normally, overcooling the root system. Early ripening cucumbers Ant is very fond of constantly moist soil and prefer drip irrigation. It is not difficult to arrange with plastic bottles. Mulching the soil with sawdust, peat or straw helps prevent the top layer from drying out quickly and creates a good habitat for earthworms.

Top dressing

Early ripening hybrids are demanding on nutrition. The f1 ant must be fed at least 3 times per season. If there is no desire to fertilize with complex mineral fertilizers, it can be replaced with organic infusions of nettle, mullein, bird droppings.

Diseases and pests

Breeders have laid in the f1 Ant cucumber variety an enviable resistance to the main diseases of this plant species. The strong man does not care about the common cucumber mosaic virus, olive spot and powdery mildew do not take it. In addition, the cucumber Ant is tolerant of downy mildew. Such characteristics are appreciated by vegetable growers, and the hybrid is invariably popular.

The harvest

Hybrid of cucumbers Ant f1 is a pronounced parthenocarpic, therefore it gives out the ovary together, regardless of the presence of pollinating insects and weather conditions. The ovary is formed in the nodes at once in a bundle of 3-7 pieces along the entire length of the bush. The crop ripens very amicably, within 4-6 weeks.

Already after 37-38 days, the hybrid is able to fill up even with slight cold snaps. This property is laid down by breeders. Some vegetable growers, in order to enjoy cucumbers until the beginning of autumn, plant Ant f1 in 2-3 stages with a slight time difference.


Description of cucumbers Ant f1 came out promising. For those who doubted the choice of the variety, we can safely advise this sturdy sprinter. According to the reviews of vegetable growers, Ant's cucumbers are tasty, strong. Bitterness is absent through the labor of breeders at the genetic level. The appearance of the cucumbers will satisfy any housewife, both for canning and for a summer table.

In a nutritious soil mixture, this hybrid can be grown and harvested even on the balcony..

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