Instructions for the use of the herbicide Centurion, mechanism of action and consumption rate

Instructions for the use of the herbicide Centurion, mechanism of action and consumption rate

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"Centurion" is a postemergence herbicide of systemic action, the instructions for use describe the feature of this product and its use. The substance is used against weeds growing in crops of vegetables, flax, rapeseed, sunflower. The tool is capable of acting on overgrown weeds in any phase of crop development. The chemical is effective in all weather conditions. Supplied with Amigo adjuvant.

Composition, release form and purpose of the drug

Imported graminicide is sold in the form of a concentrated emulsion. The active substance is cletodim, it belongs to the class of cyclohexanedione, its content is 240 g / l. The post-emergence agrochemical of systemic action is designed to destroy weeds in crops of various crops. Centurion is packed in plastic cans (1 liter each) together with Amigo (3 liters each).

Mechanism of action

The effectiveness of the agrochemical is ensured by its unique formula. Moving along leaf plates and weed shoots, the active component concentrates at points of growth and counteracts lipid binding. The growth of harmful herbs stops already 24-48 hours after spraying. After 3-7 days, the plants turn brown, chlorosis of the leaves sets in. Weeds completely die after 7-12 days. The underground parts die off within 12-20 days.

"Amigo" is an adjuvant with excellent surface-active properties, enhances the effectiveness of the drug, stabilizes the action of the solution. Its addition contributes to a good fixation of the substance on weeds.

Advantages and disadvantages

The positive aspects of the herbicide:

  • economical, low consumption rate;
  • weather, soil condition, climatic conditions do not affect its effectiveness;
  • destroys annuals and perennials (wild oats, bluegrass, chaff, foxtail, bristle grass, canary grass, chicken millet), even difficult to hatch (wheatgrass, wild sorghum, finger pork);
  • excludes the re-growth of weeds (common wild oats);
  • quickly covers green mass and underground parts of weeds;
  • compatible with other agrochemicals, enhances the effect of another substance, which reduces its dosage;
  • half-life in soil 1-3 days, does not enter groundwater;
  • there are no restrictions on crop rotation.

Of the minuses, only the high price and purchase together with the fixer are distinguished.

Consumption rate of herbicide "Centurion"

"Centurion" acts on annual and perennial weeds. Recommended consumption and stage of plant growth.

CultureDosageHarmful herbsSolution consumptionProcessing time
· Linen;


Beets (sugar, fodder, table)

0.2-0.4 l / ha and 0.6-1.2 Amigo.Herbaceous (chicken millet), bristles (all types)200-300 l / haDuring the growth phase of weeds 2-6 leaves, regardless of the degree of growth of cultivated plants
Fiber flax0.2-0.4 l / ha and 0.6-1.2 "Amigo"Annual cereal weeds

· Sunflower;

· Spring rape;

· sugar beet

0.2-0.4 l / ha and "Amigo Star" (0.4-0.8 l / ha)
· Carrot;

· bow;




0.7-1.0 l / ha and 2.3-1.0 "Amigo"Perennials

(creeping wheatgrass)

When wheatgrass reaches 10-20 cm, the growth phase of the culture does not matter
Fiber flax
· Sunflower;


· sugar beet;

Spring rape

How to prepare a working solution and its further use

Before processing, half of the water is poured into the tank, "Centurion" is added, mixed, then the rest of the liquid, lastly "Amigo" (1: 3). The mixture is stirred throughout the entire period of work. If the weeds are in the initial phase of development, use the minimum concentration, in advanced cases - the maximum dosage. Use the prepared mixture immediately, on the same day. The air temperature in this case should be + 8 ... + 25 C. Humidity - 65-90%. Spraying is recommended in the evening or in the morning. Precipitation in the form of rain, even an hour after the treatment, will not affect the result.

The recommended time for entering manual and mechanized work is after 3 days. 1 spraying with herbicide is carried out per season.

Herbicide safety

Before preparing the solution, be sure to wear protective equipment (respirator, special glasses, gloves, protective clothing). Then wash your hands, face, clean clothes.

Drug toxicity

Represents the 3rd degree of danger to humans and bees. After spraying, it is necessary to limit the years of honey insects by 1-2 days, the width of the protective zone is recommended 3-4 km. Spraying of flowering grasses during the period of bees activation is not allowed. It is recommended to mow flowering weeds around the perimeter of the treated area, if an agrochemical may get in during spraying.

Compatibility with other substances

"Centurion" is excellently compatible with anti-bipartite herbicides, which contain: desmedipham, etofumezate, metamitron, clopyralid, fenmedipham, triflusulfuron, and insecticides. With the rest, it is advisable to conduct a compatibility test. It is forbidden to mix with fertilizers.

Storage conditions

The agrochemical should be stored in a closed, ventilated area, away from sunlight. There should be no food or feed nearby. The shelf life of the substance is 2 years. Temperature - -5 ... + 35 C.

Similar drugs

Similar Russian-made agrochemicals with the same active component kletodim are also designed to combat a wide range of cereal weeds in agricultural crops. These include - "Beryl", "Graminion", "Rondo", "Kletodim Plus Mix". Foreign-made herbicides - "Zlakoff", "Zlakterr", "Chevron", "Select", "Elephant" also contain cletodim.

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