Description of the Dean tomato variety and its characteristics

Description of the Dean tomato variety and its characteristics

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It is believed that the Dina tomato is much healthier than other tomatoes, because it contains a large amount of carotene. Variety "Dina" is mid-early (90-100 days from the moment of planting in the ground to full maturity), determinant (stem height - 55-70 cm). The variety in question is suitable for both open ground and greenhouse conditions.

Dina tomatoes are rich yellow or orange, smooth and round, weighing from 100 to 130 grams. The number of nests is 4-5. The dry matter content in fruits is 4.7-5.9%. Slight sweetness is characteristic of the taste of tomatoes. The pulp is juicy and fleshy. The yield of this variety ranges from 3 to 4.5 kg per bush.

Growing features

Tomato variety "Dina" is distinguished by simple inflorescences, the first of which is laid above 6-7 leaves, the next ones - after 1-2 leaves.

When planting on beds, the distance between the bushes should be at least half a meter, and between the rows - at least 40 cm. Proper care of tomatoes consists in regular watering, removing weeds and using mineral fertilizers.

Advantages and disadvantages

Among the advantages of "Dina" gardeners note:

  • High productivity;
  • Good taste;
  • Long fruiting;
  • Immunity to septoria and macrosporiosis;
  • Content of a large amount of carotene;
  • Long shelf life.

The disadvantages of "Dina" include its susceptibility to late blight, apical and watery rot.

To save the harvest from these unpleasant diseases, experts recommend using drugs such as Ridomil Gold MC and Ecosil.

Opponents of chemical attack on tomatoes, it is recommended to treat them with ordinary salt solution. To prepare such a solution, you will need 1 glass of salt and 5 liters of water.

Tomato reviews

The Dina tomato variety is widely known in the circles of experienced summer residents. We suggest that you familiarize yourself with the most interesting opinions of gardeners about him.

  • I read positive reviews about the variety on the Internet and decided to plant it in my country house. In general, the Dina tomatoes made a good impression. Delicious, juicy, meaty. Very well suited for homemade products. (Valentina Petrovna, Tver region)
  • I absolutely love Dina! Care is the simplest, but the result exceeds all expectations. The yield is high compared to other varieties in my garden. The taste is excellent. And the combination of yellow and red tomatoes in jars of pickles is very pleasing to the eye. (Alevtina, Saratov)
  • I doubted for a long time whether it was worth planting this variety, since some reviews of experienced gardeners said that these tomatoes are prone to rot and late blight. But, thank God, everything worked out for me. The tomatoes grew delicious and juicy, to the delight of our entire large family. (Julia, Sterlitamak)
  • I liked "Dina". A very good harvest can be achieved with proper care. And I also noticed that these tomatoes are perfectly stored. In general, I recommend that all gardeners try to grow Dina at their summer cottage. (Alexandra Valerievna, Nizhny Novgorod)
  • I have been growing them for the third year. I like it fresh. I also make salads, sauces and lecho. I have already tried all the known recipes. Everything turns out deliciously with these tomatoes. This is my secret ingredient in every dish, I can't get enough of it. (Rose, Naberezhnye Chelny)
  • I read about this tomato on a site for gardeners. I liked the characteristic and description of the variety, I decided to plant it. To be honest, not the best tomatoes I've grown. A very capricious variety that requires constant supervision and care. But it tastes great, and it made up for my labor a little. (Alexander Vladimirovich, Bryansk)

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