Features potato varieties "Red Lady", "Lady Claire" and "Lady Rosetta"

Features potato varieties "Red Lady", "Lady Claire" and "Lady Rosetta"

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The description of the Lady potato includes several varieties that are very popular among vegetable growers: Red Lady, Lady Claire and Lady Rosetta. Despite the fact that these varieties belong to different breeds, all of them are united by their popularity, which is due to the high yield, excellent marketability of tubers and excellent taste indices.

Variety Characterization

Potatoes varieties "Red Lady"

This variety is included in the State Register of Breeding Achievements in 2008. He is allowed to cultivate in the Russian Federation on the territory of the Central Black Earth, North Caucasus, Middle Volga and Far Eastern regions. The originator of the variety is a world-famous company SAKA PFLANZENZUCHT-GBR.

The bush part of the plant is medium in height, consists of an intermediate type of erect or half-erect stems with medium-sized leaves, closed or intermediate, green or dark green, with a weak wavy edges. Falling buds are observed at the stage of incomplete development.

The tubers are elongated oval in shape and covered with a red, slightly mesh and slightly flaky peel, on which are superficially located, small eyes. The average weight of each root crop does not exceed 140-142 g. Potato pulp on the cut is light yellow or beige, contains no more than 16.8-17% of starch. Potatoes have a good presentation.

Potato varieties "Lady Claire"

Lady Claire potato from originator S. Meijer is included in the Russian Central Federal District registry of Russia and refers to early ripening varieties suitable for processing into dry potato products, including potato starch, potato flour, as well as for the production of chips, cereals, straws, french fries and crispy potatoes.

The bush part of the plants has an average height, refers to the leaf type. The stems are semi-erect, covered with leaves of predominantly medium size, intermediate type, green. The waviness of the edges of the sheet is from weak to medium. Corollas of flowers of medium size, white. The tubers are oval in shape, covered with a smooth or slightly rough skin of beige-yellow color, have small, medium-deep eyes. The average weight of a marketable root crop can vary from 83.5 to 106.8 g. Potato flesh is light, beige-yellow, with an average starch content of not more than 16.3-17%.

Potato varieties "Lady Rosetta"

Late-ripening, universal purpose grade "Lady Rosetta", or Lady Rosetta, from originator C. Meijer B.V. included in the State Register for the Central region. The variety was bred by leading Dutch experts in the field of vegetable breeding and is very promising.

The bushes are low, compact type and semi-spreading, consisting of thin stems, significantly stained with anthocyanin. Leaves of medium size, medium-open, soft green color with medium wavy edges. Flowering is negligible. The inflorescences are not large, and the flower corollas are small, reddish in color with a pronounced purple hue. Berry production is very rare or not at all observed.

Flat tubers have a rounded shape, are covered with a smooth red skin and have small, medium depth eyes, which have a characteristic red base. The average weight of one marketable root crop reaches 123.5 g. The potato flesh is light, creamy yellow, with a starch content of not more than 21.9-22.3%.

The best varieties of potatoes

Advantages of Varieties

In order to determine the choice of the most suitable variety for cultivation in a homestead or a farm, you should carefully study not only the characteristics, but also evaluate the advantages of each of them.

Grade nameRipening periodMarketability of the varietyGrade keepingTaste qualitiesProductivitySustainability
"Red Lady"70-75 days80-94 %92 %High167.5-298.0 q / haTo the causative agent of potato cancer and golden potato cyst-forming nematode
"Lady Claire"70-75 days81-94 %94 %Good140.5-260.5 kg / haTo the causative agent of potato cancer and golden potato cyst-forming nematode
"Lady Rosetta"120-130 days64,5-94,8 %4-6 monthsGood13.2-46.4 kg / 10 sq. mCancer and potato nematode, immune to viruses A and X

Features landing and care

Despite the fact that the varieties presented above are quite stable, their planting is carried out in a well-heated soil in compliance with the following requirements for them:

  • Grade "Red Lady" susceptible to tops and tubers to late blight, which requires pre-planting treatment tool "Amistim" at the rate of 1 l / 100 kg. The pre-planting treatment of tubers with the Mival-Agro tabletted agent helps to increase productivity, increases the yield of root crops of the commercial fraction, increases the content of starch and vitamin C and reduces the accumulation of nitrates in vegetable products.
  • Grade "Lady Claire" characterized by a pronounced susceptibility to the tops and moderately to the tubers to the causative agent of late blight. Therefore, it is necessary to plant the Ribav-Ekstroy tubers at the rate of 10 l / t before planting. Good results are obtained by spraying with Immunocytophyte before planting, which improves growth and morphogenesis and has a positive effect on resistance to diseases and negative external factors, increases yield and improves the quality of root crops at the exit.

  • Grade "Lady Rosetta" It is highly resistant to major diseases, but in some years the leaves can be very affected by late blight. To prevent the mass spread of late blight on potato plantings, it is necessary to treat seed tubers with TMTD and then spray with the Bud at the rate of 15 g / 10 l of water. Such treatment will not only serve as a good protection against late blight, but also increase productivity, and also stimulates the resistance of seedlings to return frosts.

When cultivating these varieties, both traditional, smooth planting and comb planting, as well as planting prepared seed material in trenches can be used. Potatoes should be planted in rows according to the scheme of 25-30x80 cm with the arrangement of plantings in the direction from north to south.

Potato care at all stages of its growth and development consists in weeding, cultivating, watering and feeding, as well as hilling and conducting preventive spraying. It is very important to spray these varieties during the growing season with an interval of 1-2 weeks with such preparations as "Sectin-Phenomenon", "Thanos" or Profit Gold, due to the high risk of late blight.

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Reviews gardeners

Almost all new varieties from the collection of Dutch, German breeders and specialist agronomists from the Netherlands have proven themselves well when grown in Russia and neighboring countries. Varieties such as "Lady Claire", "Lady Rosetta" and "Red Lady", deservedly belong to the category of promising and are successfully grown by gardeners in personal plots, as well as in large potato fields of agricultural complexes and farms.

The variety "Lady Claire" is very in demand at enterprises specializing in the processing of potatoes for chips.

"Lady Rosetta" is a universal variety, and according to reviews of gardeners and potato growers, it has a very long shelf life and high taste characteristics.

How to grow potatoes from seeds

Potatoes "Red Lady" is suitable for long-term storage, as it has excellent keeping quality. In addition, according to most gardeners and consumers, this variety is one of the most delicious and fruitful.