Peach "Kiev early": characteristics of the variety and growing rules

Peach "Kiev early": characteristics of the variety and growing rules

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Peach "Kiev early" has a number of advantages, and the description of the variety is interesting not only to gardeners and summer residents, but also to professional farmers involved in the cultivation of this fruit crop in industrial volumes.

This variety was obtained by experienced breeders of the Kiev Institute of Horticulture as a result of crossing the variety "Kashchenko-208" and the popular variety "Gross Mignon". Peach "Kiev early" is suitable for cultivation in the western and northern territories of Russia, where it ripens at the end of the second decade of July.

Description and varietal characteristics

Peach "Kiev early" forms low trees, reaching a height of not more than 4-4.5 m. Crohn round shape, compact, with an average density of shoots.

Fruits have a rounded shape. The weight of a ripe fruit can vary from 60 to 100 g. The presence of a pronounced abdominal suture is characteristic. The skin is delicate, staining varies from light yellow to whitish cream, there is a slight blurred blush. The pulp is white, without reddish veins around the bone. Differs in juiciness, dense texture and sweet taste with a slight sourness. Taste is very high.

Variety "Early Kiev" has excellent resistance to powdery mildew, curly leaves and other most common diseases. Winter hardiness of fruit tree and flower buds is quite high, so the variety can be grown in almost any region. Productivity is increased. In conditions of high agricultural technology, the average yield from each tree is at least 60 kg. Fruiting trees of this variety come in the third year after planting.

Peach "Kiev early": cultivation

Dates and rules of landing

Depending on the cultivation zone, you can plant a peach of the Kiev Early variety in autumn or early spring. The closer the cultivation region is to the south, the more effective is the autumn planting.

For planting and growing peaches, you should choose not swampy, but rather dry and elevated land that is well lit by the sun throughout the day. The rules for planting this plant have some differences from planting other fruit trees, which you should definitely consider if you want to get a highly productive culture:

  • a peach tree is very demanding on the qualitative composition of the soil, therefore, preference should be given to moist slightly acidic soils, with good drainage and sufficient breathability, the best soils for planting peach seedlings are sandy or gravel loams with a large amount of organic matter;
  • pits should be prepared in advance for planting at least 60 cm in diameter and of the same depth;

  • planting pits should be filled with a humus-based mixture with the addition of mineral fertilizers, including potassium salt, superphosphate and ammonium nitrate;
  • all the roots placed in the planting pit should be carefully straightened, and then the root system should be sprinkled with a nutritious soil mixture.

When planting, attention should be paid to the vaccination site, which must be buried about 5-7 cm below the ground. After planting, plants are irrigated at the rate of a pair of buckets of water for each fruit seedling. It is recommended to mulch the soil around the trees with organics.

Gardeners reviews

Peach "Early Kiev" has proven itself both in industrial cultivation and in summer gardening. The fruits of this variety in the west and north of Russia fully ripen in the twentieth of July, and in the southern regions a couple of weeks earlier.

The main disadvantage of this peach variety is the high degree of damage to the plant by curl foliage, so experts recommend about four sprayings per season against this damaging factor. In addition, the fruiting plantations of Kiev Early peach react extremely negatively to waterlogging or excessive dryness of the soil, which must be taken into account when cultivating in conditions of home gardening.

How to warm a peach for the winter

The fruits were praised - beautiful, medium-sized, yellowish or slightly pink in color, with a pronounced beak. Reviews about the variety are very positive, which determines its popularity in our country. In the first year after planting, it is very important to give the plants maximum attention and strictly observe the cultivation technology.


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