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Potato "Felox": description of the variety and reviews of gardeners

Potato "Felox": description of the variety and reviews of gardeners

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Potato "Felox" from the originator "Saka Palanzenzucht" became known to Russian gardeners and private vegetable growers relatively recently. The variety is included in the State Register of the Russian Federation to the Middle Volga region. The period from seedlings to the technical maturity of the fruit takes no more than 70-75 days, which makes it possible to classify the variety as precocious and very promising for cultivation in a home gardening environment.

Grade description

Potato cultivar "Felox" forms erect plants. Leaves from green to dark green, medium to large in size, with a pronounced glossy surface. Anthocyanin staining of buds is weak. Corollas of flowers from medium to large size, reddish-purple color.

Indicators of marketable yield, subject to agricultural technology, are at least 240 c / ha. The maximum yield under optimal soil and climatic conditions reaches 590 kg / ha.

The tubers have an elongated oval shape and a yellow peel covering the light yellow flesh. The mass of marketable fruit can vary from 85 to 115 g. The average starch content does not exceed 16.5%. Taste characteristics of tubers are excellent. Marketability reaches at least 98%.

Description of the variety assumes sufficient resistance of plants to the causative agent of potato cancer. The variety is rarely affected by a golden potato cyst-forming nematode, but is characterized by low resistance to late blight.

Potato "Felox": preparation for vernalization

Methods of protection against wireworm

All wireworm larvae (Elateridae) with a rigid body 1-4.5 cm long are commonly referred to as wireworms. The standard color of wireworms ranges from light yellow to brown. This widespread plant parasite is capable of causing tremendous damage to potato plantings.

Potatoes of the Felox variety, along with other varieties, need protective measures against wireworms. A single application of granular agents of highly effective chemicals during planting is a sufficient measure to protect most varieties of potatoes for the entire growing season.

The drug Prestige, quite well-known among gardeners in our country, is characterized by very good efficiency. To a considerable extent, the liming of acidic soils contributes to a decrease in the number of wireworms and the harmfulness of its larvae, which must be supplemented by the introduction of granular insecticides at the stage of deep plowing of the soil.

To reduce the harmfulness of a plant parasite such as wireworms, it is recommended to plant lettuce between the rows, the roots of which feed on pests. Adult nutcracker beetles are recommended to be caught using cans with baits.

If a significant number of wireworm larvae are observed in a garden or garden plot, then at the potato planting stage, each planting hole must be very abundantly shed with a weak solution of pharmaceutical potassium permanganate at the rate of 10 l of pink solution for every 20 holes.

Reviews and recommendations of gardeners

The Felox potato variety receives high marks and excellent reviews due to nematode tolerance, as well as early ripening, increased plant productivity and excellent marketability of tubers. A distinctive feature of the variety and its hallmark was the high flavor characteristics of the fruit.

According to the observations of gardeners and small farmers, liming of the soil, including the use of egg shells, lime or chalk, as well as the application of phosphorus-containing preparations in the soil before planting potatoes, is an effective way to protect against wireworms, but the quality of tubers often suffers significantly as a result of exposure to these components.

How to grow potatoes

The field of use of the potato cultivar "Felox" is very wide. The pulp of cooked potatoes does not darken and has an excellent taste, as well as a pronounced potato aroma. Plants do not need special care, and a guarantee of a high and high-quality crop is to maintain the soil in a loose state, as well as the systematic destruction of weeds on potato plantings.


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